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Does Fiona Frost Like Loid Forger in Spy x Family?

Does Fiona Frost Like Loid in Spy x Family Fiona Frost
Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Fiona Frost makes her anime debut in Spy x Family and steals the show. With her beautiful and flawless figure, anyone can fall in love with Fiona’s charm. Among the other agents in WISE, does Fiona Frost like Loid in Spy x Family?

Fiona is a WISE (The Westalian Intelligence Services' Eastern-Focused Division) agent who works on various missions with Loid Forger, aka Twilight.

She serves as Loid Forger's assistant in the Berlint General Hospital as part of his cover for Operation Strix. She also provides him with mission details.

Spoiler Warning: There are Spy x Family manga spoilers ahead that are not yet adapted into the anime.

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Does Fiona Like Loid?

The word "like" only scratches the surface of Fiona Frost's true feelings for Loid. She cherishes Loid so much that she will go to any length to continue working with him on missions, particularly Operation Strix.

It all started when Loid, aka Twilight, was teaching Fiona, aka Nightfall, how to conceal her true emotions, which was critical for their undercover missions.

Since that day, Nightfall has admired Twilight for his ability to complete missions quickly and flawlessly.

For Nightfall, Twilight is the epitome of how an undercover spy should act and conduct oneself in missions, compared to the other agents in WISE.

Does Fiona Frost Like Loid in Spy x Family Fiona Frost
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Nightfall's respect for Loid evolves into love from that point forward.

To this day, she conceals her true feelings for Loid because she tends to remain emotionless most of the time, even when she mentally confesses her feelings for him whenever they are together.

Things go awry when Fiona learns that Loid is cohabiting with Yor Forger for Operation Strix.

Not only does she believe Yor is unworthy of becoming Loid's pretend wife, but she also regards herself as superior to Yor and wishes to separate her from Loid and Anya in ways only she can imagine.

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Does Loid Like Fiona?

Does Loid like Fiona Frost in Spy x Family Fiona Frost
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

No, Loid has no romantic feelings for Fiona. Unfortunately, despite Fiona's beautiful face, flawless undercover abilities, and mental strength, he only sees her as a coworker.

Loid is nervous most of the time when Fiona is around, but that doesn't mean he has feelings for her.

He was only worried because Fiona's actions frequently disrupted his plans, especially in front of his pretend family.

Loid and Anya took Bond for a walk one day, and Fiona unexpectedly paid a visit to Yor to check on her.

Unbeknownst to Loid, Fiona set out to undermine Yor's confidence by telling her lies.

There was also a time when they pretended to be married while on a mission to play tennis together.

Aside from being annoyed by their phony status, Loid is also concerned about Fiona's reckless play, which is a serious problem given his previous experiences with his partners.

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Do Fiona and Loid Get Together?

Do Fiona Frost and Loid Get Together in Spy x Family Fiona and Loid
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

No, Fiona and Loid are not together in Spy x Family. They are still working together in the organization as of writing, along with the other agents.

Fiona's plan to take Loid away from Yor was thwarted after the latter defeated Fiona in a tennis match.

But she is adamant about exacting her revenge because she refuses to give up on her love for Loid.

After all, Fiona's ultimate goal in life is to marry Loid in real life, not just in undercover missions.

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