Spy x Family Creator Draws Yor With Glasses as Apology for Manga’s Delay

Spy x Family Yor Glasses

Spy x Family Yor Glasses

While fans have to wait a bit longer for the manga’s story to continue, Spy x Family creator Tatsuya Endo shared a special artwork of Yor Forger with glasses that delighted series fans.

Endo typically shares fanart on his personal Twitter account from time to time, many of which are to celebrate certain milestones or to mark new releases.

Now though, his latest art post is offered as an apology to fans.

Spy x Family Release Schedule, Hiatus

spy x family yor forger
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Most anime fans probably know of Spy x Family thanks to the anime series that dominated the streaming charts in 2022. But as with most anime titles, it is based on a manga series of the same name.

The manga began back in 2019, though instead of having a weekly release like many series, Spy x Family was released every two weeks on Shonen Jump+ in Japan and on Manga Plus internationally.

Because of the bi-weekly release schedule, fans have become accustomed to waiting longer for new chapters to get released, especially as there are times when Endo takes a break.

Spy x Family’s latest chapter was released back on February 5. And while the next chapter was supposed to come out this week, Endo revealed that the next chapter will instead come out in early March, meaning there’s a one-month gap.

The reason for the delay according to Endo is his work on a book and other reasons.

It’s likely that Endo is now busy working on the upcoming second season and the anime film, which will have an all-new original story.

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Tatsuya Endo Shares Spy x Family Yor Forger Glasses Art

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To apologize for the month-long wait, Endo shared a new artwork of Yor in her signature red home outfit, complete with a retro-style pair of glasses. The artwork also featured the words “sorry for no update” in Japanese.

Unlike some fandoms, the Spy x Family community is pretty chill with lengthy breaks such as these.

Many fans thanked Endo for the new art and wished him well on Twitter.

Given that Yor is such a popular character, it should come as no surprise that the artwork was received warmly by fans. In fact, it got over 160k likes in just under two days.

The next Spy x Family chapter will be released in early March on Shonen Jump+ and Manga Plus.

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