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Spy x Family's Anya Tamagotchi Is Coming Out In Japan

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Credit: Wit Studio

One of the most popular anime shows for this year's fall season is none other than Spy x Family and the series is venturing out into some merchandise which includes a Tamagotchi of Anya, a fan-favorite character, which will be released in Japan.

As reported by Comic Natalie and posted on Twitter by Hobby Magazine, a new Tamagotchi will be released and it will be a special for Spy x Family because it is Anya who will be taken care of. It will be out in Japan in time for Christmas on December 17, 2022.

Anya Forger is easily a fan-favorite of the fans and viewers of the show because of her irresistible charm and wit. She reads minds and got her abilities from an experiment by some unknown corporation. She is the adopted daughter of Loid and Yor Forger.

Spy x Family follows the story of a spy who tries to build a family in order to fulfill a mission but without realizing that his fake family is nothing near normal: his adopted daughter is a mind reader and his fake wife turns out to be an assassin.

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Crunchyroll secured the license to air Spy x Family outside of Asia and they offer the following premium subscription plans: FAN, an ad-free plan with unlimited access to Crunchyroll’s roster of shows available to stream an hour after the release of an episode for one device for $7.99 per month; and MEGA FAN, the same perks but this time, it has offline viewing and availability for four devices at a time for $9.99 per month pr $79.99 per year.

Spy x Family is produced by Wit Studio and Cloverworks with a creative team composed of Kazuhiro Furuhashi as director, Kazuaki Shimada as character designer, and [K]NoW_NAME as the music composer. The anime show has been confirmed to be a split cour which means that there would be a three-month break before the second part of the season airs again.

Spy x Family airs weekly on Crunchyroll.


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