The Pastry of Knowledge Is Real in the Spy x Family Macaron Collab

Spy x Family macaron Anya

Spy x Family macaron Anya

It may have failed to give Anya high marks on her test, but the special macaron is no doubt delicious. Soon, Spy x Family fans can taste the Pastry of Knowledge as a new macaron collab was just announced.

This new collab is with the All Japan Macaron Association, and it will feature new merch with an illustration of Anya atop a delectable giant macaron.

On top of this, the anime teamed up with a pastry chef to recreate the macaron shown in the latest episode.

Spy x Family Taps Chef to Recreate the Pastry of Knowledge

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Spy x Family Season 2 premiered earlier this month. So far, its initial episodes featured self-contained stories that adapted some fan-favorite chapters from the manga.

The latest episode saw Anya Forger and her Eden Academy classmates fight over the Pastry of Knowledge through a game of Old Maid.

This pastry comes in the form of macarons, and it is rumored to make the person who eats it smarter. Thus, Anya, Becky, Damian, Emile, and Ewen scramble for the four remaining pieces.

Shortly after the episode, the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account shared a real-life version of the macarons.

These pastries were made by chef Ryosuke Sugamata of Ryora in Tokyo. As seen from the image, the macarons look delicious, and they perfectly match the plate that George Glooman got in the episode.

Starting tomorrow, fans in Japan will be treated to a special macaron collab that will feature the Pastry of Knowledge. The best part is that it will be available in various patisseries all over the country.

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All You Need to Know About the Spy x Family Macaron Collab

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The new Spy x Family collab is made in partnership with the All Japan Macaron Association. Details about the collab were shared on the anime’s official website.

There, all the participating patisseries are listed. Also revealed is the special illustration of Anya Forger.

This illustration will be printed on clear files that fans can take home when they buy products at the participating stores.

It was also revealed that Ryora in Tokyo and Patisserie Chocolatory Chandoiseau will feature Spy x Family designs during the collab.

Finally, there’s also another surprise that’s part of the collab that will be shared soon. Fingers crossed that this will be recreations of the Pastry of Knowledge that will go on sale.

The collab will happen from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

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