Spy Classroom Episode 8 Delay Confirms Winter 23 Is Cursed

Spy Classroom Episode 8 Delayed Lily

Spy Classroom Episode 8 Delayed Lily

The Winter 23 season continues to be cursed when it comes to delays, as Spy Classroom Episode 8 is also postponed. As with other shows affected, this delay is blamed on the spread of COVID-19.

Just this week, we saw other delays for shows like BOFURI. Though thankfully for fans of Spy Classroom, the delay of the 8th episode won’t be as long as other shows. After all, some anime shows were delayed to the next season.

Winter 23 Anime Delays

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While Winter 23 started like any anime season would, a couple of weeks in, NieR: Automata Ver1.1a Episode 4 onward was delayed due to the spread of COVID-19 among staff members.

The Nier delay was quickly followed by a postponement of Ayakashi Triangle, another anime produced by Aniplex.

While COVID was again blamed, some reports surfaced that possible issues within Aniplex may have caused the delays.

Another anime that got delayed this season is Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, a show that was unfortunately pushed to Spring 23 following its sixth episode.

Some fans are wondering why COVID has become a big issue. One major reason is that China suffered from a large COVID wave back in late December to January.

Because many shows are produced with help from China-based animators, the COVID wave affected the production of lots of anime this season.

The postponements aren’t just limited to Winter 23 anime though, as some Spring 23 shows were delayed by three months.

One such series is Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence, which was moved to July from its original April release.

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Spy Classroom Episode 8 Delayed, Return Date

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The Spy Classroom delay was announced via the show’s official website and Twitter account.

There, details about the new schedule and the planned broadcast for its original release date were announced.

Episode 8 was originally scheduled to air on February 23, but because of the delay, a special program entitled First-Rate Spy Mission PART2 will instead be aired on YouTube.

As for its new release date, Spy Classroom Episode 8 is now scheduled to air on March 2, just one week after its original release date. This might be the shortest of the Winter 23 delays.

Hopefully, the rest of the show’s episodes won’t be delayed.

For now, there is no indication that the anime’s other episodes will be postponed in the coming weeks.

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