Spider-Man: No Way Home Officially Becomes the Highest Grossing Spider-Man Film

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Spider-Man: No Way Home held the record of the second-largest domestic opening weekend despite the ongoing pandemic. There is no doubt that there was a lot of anticipation for the film prior to the release thanks to all the rumors and speculations that people have been discussing for a year and, based on the box office results, it looks like a lot of people flocked to the cinemas as soon as the film was released and watched it a few more times afterward.

Now, the film has achieved yet again another impressive box office record as it officially passed the box office numbers of Spider-Man: Far from Home. In other words, Spider-Man: No Way Home is now the highest-grossing Spider-Man film of all time which has now earned $1.16 billion worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. Far From Home, the previous film that held the title, grossed $1.13 billion at the worldwide box office.

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What makes it more impressive is that the film already got the record even though it's not yet available in several international markets like China, Japan, and Norway. Given that the film is still showing in theaters worldwide, the numbers are expected to significantly increase in the next following weeks with a possibility of reaching $1.5 billion. However, given the rising cases of the Omicron variant, it is also likely that its box office performance will start to slow down.


There's a lot of reasons to celebrate this box office record. First, it's a very impressive achievement given the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing worldwide and this shows that most people are willing to go to theaters just to see the film. Second, it also proves that the anticipation for the film is similar to the level of Avengers: Endgame as it is a culmination of the 20-year cinematic history of Spider-Man. Third, the film is beloved by the audience and a lot of people went back to see it again. It also helps that it is theatrical exclusive and has no streaming or VOD options.

No matter what happens in the next following weeks, Spider-Man: No Way Home already has a lot of impressive box office titles that will cement its place in history when we look back years later.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is still showing in theaters everywhere. You can also check out our streaming guide for the film here.