Spider-Man: No Way Home is a Major Inspiration for Disney+'s Upcoming Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel is next in line to premiere on the streaming service, Disney+ after Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight triumphantly concluded and stepped out of the spotlight. Starring Iman Vellani, the series follows Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Avengers fan who stumbles upon a mystical bangle that grants her superhuman abilities and turned her into a teenage superhero.

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Now that another youngster is set to join the MCU, Ms. Marvel directors revealed that the inspiration behind the new series comes from Tom Holland's youngest Avenger hero, Spider-Man, and his recent outing, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Ms. Marvel creators El Arbi and Bilall Fallah discussed Iman Vellani's future as Kamala Khan and compared the character to Tom Holland's Spider-Man character arc.

“In the same way you see Tom Holland as Peter Parker evolve... that’s the bar, basically… for us, personally, it’s a masterpiece of a movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home," El Arbi said. "The bar is now so high. It just inspires us and also the other people involved in Ms. Marvel to be like, ’What can we do to try to reach that goal one day?’”

Ms. Marvel lead star, Iman Vellani, emphasized that everyone would see themselves in her character, and doesn't have to be brown or Pakistani to relate to Kamala.

“[Kamala]’s a fan [of the Avengers], just like us, and that’s why we root for her when she meets Avengers in the comics… that’s why we root for her when she gets her powers. Everyone can definitely see themselves in her. You don’t have to be Brown or Muslim, or Pakistani. It’s about this Avengers-loving, fanfic-writing nerd who just happens to be a Pakistani-American Muslim girl. But she’s awesome, and ultimately you just watch her grow and become this badass superhero.” Below, see an exclusive image of the new Disney Plus series.”

When Holland's Peter Parker was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, the character just started as a die-hard fanboy of the Avengers, who was literally blown away every time he meets a member of the team. Considering that Vellani's Kamala also shares the same trait, it would certainly be interesting to see the latest young heroine interact with other MCU characters.

However, for now, the only confirmed crossover that Kamala will have is with Brie Larson's Captain Marvel in the upcoming The Marvels, slated for 2023.

Ms. Marvel will premiere on Disney+ on June 8.

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