Sorn Reveals Tragic Fate She Faced As Foreign K-pop Idol

Credit: SORN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SORN/YouTube Screenshot

Sorn revealed that her journey as a Thai K-pop idol was not easy at all.

Sorn’s career in South Korea’s K-pop industry started when she won the K-pop Star Hunt in 2011. At the young age of 15, she tried her luck and moved to the country to train under Cube Entertainment. At that time, she became the label’s first non-Korean trainee.

She and the other members of CLC debuted in March 2015 with their extended play, First Love. Since Sorn is the only non-Korean member, she thought that debuting in a girl group would make her the Thai Princess – but it did not happen at all.

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Sorn Reveals Tragic Fate As K-pop Idol

Sorn recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Korea Times and talked about her early days before her debut. She revealed that she decided to move to South Korea after witnessing Nickhun’s success. The male K-pop idol is a Thai member of the boy group, 2PM.

Since Nickhun’s debut, he has been dubbed the Thai Prince, although he is not connected with the royal family. With that, Sorn thought she could be the female counterpart of Nickhun and become the Thai Princess.

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However, she never thought that attempting to score the title would be so difficult. Sorn even called her parents and told them she did not want to stay in South Korea anymore. But after a few days or weeks, she realized how lucky she was to be given the opportunity to become a K-pop idol.

“I made up my mind to go all-out for it and see how far I could go. Since I was the first foreigner in CUBE, I also wanted to prove to the company that a foreigner can also do the same thing as other Korean trainees. Back then, I could not speak Korean very fluently, but that did not mean that I could not sing or dance like the others,” she went on.

Sorn Continues Career Despite CLC’s Disbandment

Although she is no longer part of the girl group, Sorn expanded her career as a soloist. Recently, she returned with her solo single Sharp Objects. It became her first-ever release since leaving CLC and Cube Entertainment and her second project after her debut single Run.

In addition, she spends most of her time producing videos for her YouTube Channel, Producesorn. Instead of returning to her former agency, she opted to sign with Wild Entertainment Group as a solo artist.

It remains unknown what would her next project be after releasing Sharp Objects, but she might divide her time as an idol and an activist.

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