Sony Promises Kraven the Hunter vs. Spider-Man Face-Off in Future Project

Kraven the Hunter
Credit: Sony

Kraven the Hunter
Credit: Sony

In just a few months, the highly-anticipated live-action Spider-Verse movie Kraven the Hunter will finally arrive in theaters. It will mark the iconic villain's big-screen debut after years of being in the works.

Similar to the Venom films and Morbius, the trailer that they recently released promised that the titular character's solo movie will serve as the origin of their villainous turn before they become known as an adversary of Spider-Man.

However, fans are also curious about whether the film will actually set up a face-off between Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man in a later project considering that its universe has not recognized the existence of the latter yet.

Now, we have the answer from the studio itself.

The Synopsis Reveals Kraven the Hunter Will Face-Off Spider-Man in the Future

Kraven the Hunter
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Credit: Marvel Comics

As reported by The Direct, Sony has released the official synopsis of the Kraven the Hunter movie where they explicitly revealed that the film is set sometime before the eventual face-off between the titular character and Spider-Man.

Here's what the synopsis says: "Kraven the Hunter is the visceral story about how and why one of Marvel’s most iconic villains came to be. Set before his notorious vendetta with Spider-Man, Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars as the titular character in the R-rated film."

However, the studio did not reveal which future project will they have two characters face off on and which version of Spider-Man will it be whether it's the Tom Holland MCU variant or someone else.

This is certainly a huge promise from the studio, but it also raises an eyebrow considering that their universe has not revealed the existence of Spider-Man yet. It is also in support of the post-credits scene of Morbius where they were seemingly setting up the Sinister Six.

Right now, it's really to early say what the blurb actually means except that it is an explicit tease that the two characters will cross paths at some point and fans can now expect that since the studio made the big promise.

For now, let's just wait and see how it will all unfold soon and, obviously, it will also depend on the reception of the upcoming film whether they will actually push through with that major tease.

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Kraven the Hunter is slated for release in theaters this October 6.

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