Sony Has A New Weird Name For Its Spider-Man-Less Spider-Verse Movies

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Marvel fans have known for quite some time that Sony's been trying to build a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man starting with its Venom standalone movie starring Tom Hardy. Now, it looks like the studio finally has a name for this universe of Spider-Man anti-hero movies and it sure is a mouthful.

Marvel Studios has the Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC has the DC Extended Universe. Legendary Pictures has the MonsterVerse. Now, according to Variety, Columbia Pictures President Sanford Panitch has just confirmed that Sony's little string of Spider-Man-adjacent-character movies are going to make up the studio's Universe of Marvel Characters, or SUMC for short.

Everyone's looking to join the universe-building trend today, and Sony seems pretty eager to start working on its Universe of Marvel Characters. Venom is officially on its way for release later this October, and the study has a whole lot of other films in line for its SUMC. There's the Silver and Black movie which has just recently been split into two, Silk and Jackpot. There's a new Morbius the Living Vampire film starring the DCEU's Jared Leto. There's also going to be a Nightwatch movie too.


That's a whole lot of planned films for the SUMC in a Spider-Man universe without Tom Holland's Spider-Man. For now, we'll have to wait and see whether this new Venom movie's going to make waves on the big screen.

Venom hits cinemas October 5. 2018.

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