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It is about time to stop exclaiming that this week's Sonny Boy episode was the strangest one yet. Next week is bound to surprise you. Nagara and Mizuho find out more about Yamabiko's disturbing backstory, which stresses 5000 years into the past.

The 12-episodeoriginal anime is slowly wrapping up and I'm growing worried that the ending will have us begging for an explanation - but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, and, for now, the journey is amazing.

There's a strange parallel between Yamabiko and Nagara that would be very interesting to explore moving forward. And, of course, many of the students are unaccounted for in this episode. Will Episode 9 be different? Find out all you need about it in the sections below:

Sonny BoyOverview and Episode 8Recap

Sonny Boy Episode 9 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy is an original anime by Studio Madhouse. It all starts with a classroom of 36 students on a regular summer day. The day, of course, stops being regular when the high-schoolers are transported into another dimension, school building and all.

Warning: Spoilers below!


After a failed attempt to train Yamabiko, Mizuho asks him why he turned into a dog. In an episode-long flashback, Yamabiko explains anything but. Back when he was a human boy, an not a particularly pleasant one for that matter, Yamabiko found a "This World" inhabited by other adrift students.

All of them revered a girl called Kodoma, whose power was to utterly alter the world in any way she wanted. At first, Yamabiko was wary of her extreme kindness, and, to be fair, this, along with her powers did make her an unsettling god-like figure.

Yamabiko spent some blissful days with Kodoma and the other students, but his new friend was right in one respect; This world was very kind, too much so. Therefore, it wasn't meant to last. Soon, an epidemic hit all the students but Yamabiko, filling their bodies with sores that developed into tumors. Kodoma was strangely powerless to do anything about it, and the growths kept developing, covering the students' whole bodies.

Yamabiko was the only one not affected, causing the students to be suspicious of him. Kodoma was still kind, however, and he reassured her that she was still beautiful. In return, she turned him into a dog for unclear reasons, perhaps to protect him.

One day, a strange man appeared, and Kodoma tried to help him, but he was extremely rude to her. Thinking he might know something about the illness, Yamabiko agreed that she should try meeting him again. This time, the man tried to be kind, but, having some obvious antisocial disorder, he failed; at some point, he tried to gift her a medal he got for killing a hundred people, which caused him to flee.

Yamabiko and the others became too sick to keep going. The strange man admitted he was partly responsible for the plague, while also revealing to Yamabiko that This World was Yamabiko's own creation. The man also says that he's War and that he's out to kill God.

A dying Kodoma urges Yamabiko to fly away, telling him that This World was never real anyway and asking her to fulfill his promise to her, that they would walk together in the path of bones he once trod.

At this point, I don't have much to say. I'm as confused as you, and the anime merits more than one rewatch if you're to make sense of it; and even then, the sense you made might not be what the creators intended. The opening theme song (notably absent in this episode) acquires new meaning every week and so does everything we think we know.

Sonny Boy Episode 9Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 9 Release Date and Time 1
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy Episode 9 has the surreal title "The Salmon Chazuke Forgot the Salmon." Its release date is going to be next Friday the 10th of September for premium Funimationand Huluusers. International fans might be able to access it from the 9th of September depending on where they are in the world.

Non-subscribed users will have to wait one more week, until September 17 to watch Sonny Boy Episode 9 for free. No dub has been announced yet for Sonny Boy, but we're hoping that we can expect one soon.


Sonny Boy Episode 9Release Time

Sonny Boy Episode 9 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy Episode 9 is scheduled to air next Friday, September 10 at 00:00 PM JST. If the above timeline remains correct, Episode 9 will air in different time zones at or around the following times on Funimation:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (September 9)
Central Time: 10:30 AM (September 9)
Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (September 9)
British Time: 4:30 PM (September 9)

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Sonny Boy

Episode 9


Sonny Boy Episode 9 RELEASE DATE


You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 9 online with English subtitles in less than 6 days! Other anime you can watch during the Summer season include Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maidand Scarlet Nexus.