Is Sonny Boy Based on a Manga or Light Novel, and Is It Complete, Finished, or Ongoing? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

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Sonny Boy keeps making a sensation each week; even when you don't understand half of what is going on, you're constantly reminded that this is a unique show, pleasing to look at and so, so mind-bending, with characters that feel relatable, no matter how little screen time they get. So, for those craving more content, is Sonny Boy based on a light novel or manga, and is it finished or ongoing?

Sonny Boy is brought to us by Studio Madhouse – also home to Death Note, Monster, and Death Parade among other milestones in the anime world – so you go into the show knowing that you should expect something clever. Sonny Boy doesn't disappoint.


The show follows 36 classmates, some of whom develop mysterious powers, which brings them in direct conflict with those who have not. Shortly after this bizarre event, they are transported to an impenetrably dark dimension, along with the school building but with no adults whatsoever.

If this sounds too much like your typical isekai, you should watch Sonny Boy right away to find out that it is anything but. Of course, it might fit the definition, but this is where the differences stop. Rather than idealized and escapist, Sonny Boy is rather sinister, not to mention quite complex.

The different dimensions the students find themselves in might be fun to look at, but you probably wouldn't want to end up there – especially since the setting itself is almost a character, one who loves torturing the students. The show entails power struggles, messages about authority, and great music besides.


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Unfortunately for those seeking more content, the 12-episode anime is an original work, with no light novel or manga behind it. In a sense, this is intriguing, as we're all on the same page and can't predict where the show is going. This, of course, also means that we don't know if it'll consistently remain great, but we can hope.

So far, Sonny Boy is one of the season's greats and you should totally check it out if you're looking for something that redefines isekai as we know it. Other anime you might want to check out include How a Realist Hero Rebuilt a Kingdom and Girlfriend Girlfriend.