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Cat lovers, Sonny BoyEpisode 9 is for you! It appears that there's more to Mizuho's cats than meets the eye. The same goes for her power. The nyamazon boxes are finally explained, but pretty much everything else is still a mystery.

The 12-episodeoriginal anime is slowly wrapping up and there's no announcement for Season 2 at this time, meaning that we can only hope for a satisfying finale. And while it's hard to believe that everything will be untangled, Sonny Boy is all about faith in the end.

A more modest hope, of course, would be that Mizuho's cats will keep being awesome. If you're waiting to find out more in the next episode, we got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about Sonny Boy Episode 10, from its release date to a much-needed breakdown of Episode 9:

Sonny BoyOverview and Episode 9Recap

Sonny Boy Episode 10 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy is an original anime by Studio Madhouse. It all starts with a classroom of 36 students on a regular summer day. The day, of course, stops being regular when the high-schoolers are transported into another dimension, school building and all.

Warning: Spoilers below!


Episode 9 begins in the most adorable way, with Mizuho's cats having a very important conversation. Naturally, they consider themselves superior to the humans they're stuck with and worry about their rights, but they're also loyal to Mizuho, and want to help her.

It's unclear whether they always had such a high level of understanding, or if this development happened in this world - it might even be that we simply get a glimpse in the minds Mizuho's cats already had.

Now in a snow-covered landscape, Mizuho, Nagara, and Nozomi encounter a young man. He claims that the only thing that matters in this world is his quarrel with his twin, over the fact that one of them has one hair more than the other. You can call it this world problems.

Asakaze and Ms. Aki soon also make an appearance. It appears that the conflict between the twins is in fact orchestrated by Ms. Aki... also, that they are no twins at all. Ms. Aki deceived the students, claiming they needed the brothers' power - an ability to reset worlds in a video game-like way - but that one brother would suffice. Nozomi, Nagara, and Mizuho understand that the second brother is a copy, rather than a real person.

More conversations between Mizuho's cats reveal that the "nyamazon" boxes they keep delivering to her are her power: an ability to create copies of the things she wants. Rajdhani was close to finding out the truth, but he chose to keep it a secret. The cats themselves never want the truth to leak, as they care about Mizuho and know that she would be blamed for all the events that led to copies of the students going adrift. Of course, there's the fact that Mizuho can't copy living things, so it seems that she contributed to the phenomenon that has time and again been treated as inevitable.

One of the "brothers" steals Sakura, one of Mizuho's cats as a sacrifice to the gods. He then shoots his double with a special type of gun that digs a big hole in his chest and causes him to dissolve. Mizuho runs to Sakura's aid and tells the man to take care of his problems by himself.

Aki and Asakaze arrive to find the winning "brother" with a huge hole in his chest same as the one he made on his foe... hollow victory indeed. Feeling unsatisfied, he kills himself. The rest of the class leaves on a school bus while the three main characters along with Yamabiko - who understands both the cats and the humans - keep going their separate ways.

There's no definitive way to explain what happened at this point; it seems that the anime is too far gone into its surrealism and that's absolutely fine by me. Mizuho's cats stole the episode by being smart and adorable - that's fine as well. There must be a comment about individuality somewhere in there, as is shown by the whole idea of human copies and the fact that our main characters are misfits forging their own path. Hopefully, the 3 remaining episodes will make the themes a little bit clearer. Stay tuned to find out!

Sonny Boy Episode 10Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 10 Release Date and Time 1
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy Episode 10 titled "Summer and Shura" is going to be released next Friday the 17th of September for premium Funimationand Huluusers. International fans might be able to access it from the 16th of September depending on their timezone.

Non-subscribed users will have to wait one more week, until September 24 to watch Sonny Boy Episode 10 for free. No dub has been announced yet for Sonny Boy, but we're hoping that we can expect one soon.


Sonny Boy Episode 10Release Time

Sonny Boy Episode 10 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Madhouse

The scheduled release day for Sonny Boy Episode 10 is Friday, the 17th of September at 00:00 PM JST. If the above timeline remains correct, Episode 10 will air in different time zones at or around the following times on Funimation:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (September 16)
Central Time: 10:30 AM (September 16)
Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (September 16)
British Time: 4:30 PM (September 16)

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Sonny Boy

Episode 10


Sonny Boy Episode 10 RELEASE DATE


You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 10 online with English subtitles in less than 6 days! Other anime you can watch during the Summer season include Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maidand The Dungeon of Black Company.