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Song Hye Kyo Already Shows Signs of Aging? Fans Have Mixed Reactions

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Netflix’s upcoming new K-drama, The Glory, held its press conference in Seoul on Tuesday, December 20. Led by its lead star, Song Hye Kyo, fans noticed Song Joong Ki’s ex's appearance at the event, claiming she’s already showing signs of aging.

Song Hye Kyo graced The Glory’s press conference with her co-stars Lee Do Hyun, Park Sung Hoon, and Lim Ji Yeon. As she once again stunned everyone with her iconic beauty, others couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to look more mature.

The Discussion about Song Hye Kyo’s Looks

A heated discussion about the South Korean star’s appearance was seen on different platforms.

On Naver, as translated by AllKpop, one fan said she had aged a lot, while others claimed she couldn’t fight against time and looked much older.

They also complained about her acting, with some wondering if she had improved her acting in The Glory. They also accused her of doing the same actions in her shows, while one said they had already given up watching her series.

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Of course, many came to her defense, insisting her photos were only taken from a weird angle. Others reasoned that she was already in her 40s, so her age would start manifesting.

“It’s not like she’s a vampire,” one fan explained. Some also asked Song Hye Kyo’s bashers if it was wrong to age and demanded everyone stop expecting her to be immortal.

"She still looks younger than her age," another one stated.

Song Hye Kyo Talks About The Glory

The Glory follows the story of a former victim of bullying and brutal school violence, Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who promises to take revenge against her bullies.

In a twist of fate, she has become the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kids.

This show will also reunite the 41-year-old to the Descendants of the Sun writer Kim Eun Sook, while Ahn Gil Ho directs the series.

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“When I read the script, it was a genre and character that I had really been wanting to try,” she said about the show, per Soompi. “I read the script quickly and became so curious. There were a lot of points I was curious about regarding what kind of character Yeo Jung [Lee Do Hyun] was.”

The actress also talked about her character.

“Moon Dong Eun is a woman with a broken soul who has a lot of hurt and wounds from childhood school violence,” she continued.

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“She’s a character who isn’t protected by anyone, including her school, her parents, or the police. She chooses death but then wonders, ‘Why do only I have to die?’” she continued. “From that moment on, she plans desperate revenge out of the thought that those who tormented her must be punished too.”

The Glory’s first eight-episode part will be out on December 30, while the second part will be in March.

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