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BTS Jin’s Touching Message for Co-Members Before Entering Military Revealed!

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

RM was one of the BTS members who sent off the group’s Hyung, or oldest brother, Jin, to his military enlistment on December 13. As it may take nearly two years before the band sees each other again, Jin reportedly has a touching message for his fellow K-pop idols.

Jin’s enlistment came with an entrance ceremony attended by his friends and family. The six BTS members, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, also graced the event, and their emotional parting was caught in the video.

Jin’s Send Off

The Korean media wasn’t allowed to enter the training center gates. However, the phenomenal group’s team got through with a camera to catch their final moments together before the ceremony.

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The clip was then shared on their official YouTube channel in an episode titled Bangtom Bomb. Everyone was seen getting a solo picture with Jin and even posed in one photo together.

Though fans saw their talk was only light-hearted and encouraging, they knew it was an emotional moment for them.

RM Gives Insight into BTS’s Final Moments with Jin

In a new interview with RM, via KBS 9’s Meet the News, as noted by Koreaboo, he gave everyone more insight into Jin’s final moments with BTS before his enlistment.

The host Lee Jae Seok asked the hitmaker if Jin had said anything to them before he officially entered the military.

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“He didn’t say much. (Laughs) I’m sure he had a lot on his mind, though,” he said.

“He probably thought it through,” he continued. “When we eventually got to the training center, he said he’d do his best there. Like the eldest, he said that he’ll experience all of it first and let us know how it goes.”

Jin Kept the Atmosphere Fun, Optimistic Before He Left

Jin made sure he would leave with a fun and optimistic attitude. He even told his fellow BTS members that he would help them prepare for their own enlistment by sharing his experience in the service.

So, what did RM say to Jin before he left?

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“What I said was… I asked him to take good care of himself. To come back to us in good health,” he revealed. “I also wished him to complete his service safely and diligently, as I know he would. And I asked him to show them how strong he is since he’s always strong.”

How Would Jin’s Enlistment Affect BTS?

RM also talked about how Jin’s enlistment would affect BTS.

“…It feels like we’re finally moving on to another chapter. It was a moment that was bound to come, and a moment that we’d been waiting for, too,” he continued.

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“So, for us, the whole experience felt like we were finally turning the page as BTS. Though I do have many complicated feelings,” he added. “I have no doubt that Jin hyung, the first to enlist, is doing well at the training site right now. So, taking after him, I’ll wait it out with a mindset as calm and cool as his.”

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