Son Seok Koo Workout Routine: Why He Bulked Up For The Movie The Roundup?

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

JTBC's My Liberation Notes might be coming to an end, but Son Seok Koo continues to gain the viewers' attention.

K-drama fans loved his character, Mr. Gu, and his slow-burn romance with Yeom Mi Jung, played by Kim Ji Won.

Viewers praised Son Seok Ku and Kim Ji Won's undeniable on-screen chemistry, not to mention their stellar performance.

Interestingly, the 39-year-old actor also starred in another movie.

From the mysterious yet well-loved character in My Liberation Notes, Son Seok Ko transformed into a vicious antagonist, Gang Hae Sang, in The Roundup.

Joining him as lead stars are Choi Gwi Hwa and Ma Dong Seok or Don Lee, who is also the producer of the action film.

Apart from his villain role, Son Seok Ko also impressed viewers with his stunning transformation.

The actor wowed fans with his ripped physique as The Roundup successfully premiered on May 18.

As noted by Newsen, Son Seok Koo's new movie surpassed the 1 million mark during its second day of release.

With the continued success of the action-packed film, which is also the sequel to the blockbuster movie The Outcast, the 39-year-old star's hard work paid off, especially his preparation for his villain role.

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Son Seok Koo Workout Routine: Actor Beefed Up To Play Villain In The Roundup

According to a Korean media outlet, My Daily, Son Seok Koo's workout routine was so intense that he gained over 10kg of muscle for the role.

Months before the filming, the actor underwent training and spent most of his time at the gym.

His role needed to match Ma Dong Deok's massive physique, but Son Seok Koo definitely aced his goal body after The Roundup official poster featured his hulk-like body.

In an Instagram photo shared by Abo Entertainment, the actor flaunts his toned and hard rock abs and tattoos, making him like a true blue villain.

Son Seok Koo New Drama

My Liberation Notes and The Roundup are just among his projects this 2022.

Based on Son Seok Koo's Instagram, he is currently in the Philippines with Squid Game actors Kim Joo Ryoung and Heo Sung Tae, as well as Reply 1988 star Lee Dong Hwi.

They are in the middle of the production for an upcoming series, Casino and it will be Son Seok Koo's new drama after JTBC's My Liberation Notes.

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