Solar Opposites Creator Teases Rick and Morty, Star Wars Crossover

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It's no secret that Solar Opposites was made by the same people who have been producing Rick and Morty. But is it possible that fans can expect an epic crossover between the two animated shows? Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan have just teased on the possibility that there will be major crossovers in the future and it could even include Star Wars!

Roiland and McMahan recently took part in the Solar Opposites panel at Comic-Con@Home where they were asked if there was a chance to see Rick and Morty in their new series (via Interestingly, Roiland stated that it would be up to the bigger companies to decide on the crossover.

"You've gotta ask these giant, lumbering mega-corporations that have merged together like water droplets, just growing into a giant ocean-sized whatever," Roiland teased. "Maybe if they just merge together into one giant thing it'll happen."

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Credit: Adult Swim

While Roiland wasn't too keen on revealing their plans yet, McMahan admitted that they have already imagined huge crossovers that could go beyond Rick and Morty.

"As everybody knows, the first thing you do when you're creating a new show, is you start to think about all the crossovers you can do," McMahan said. "We've already written the Transformers crossover, the Star Wars crossover, the Muppet Babies crossover, the Cap'n Crunch crossover. We have a bunch more crossovers to write in case we can ever do them."

It's always best to be prepared. Although it's still unclear if any of these are actually going to happen, we may get a huge surprise in the future.

The second season of Solar Opposites will premiere on Hulu in 2021.

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