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SNSD Taeyeon Shares Honest Thoughts About The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won's Animal Abuse Controversy

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Channel

SNSD Taeyeon supported the Korea Animal Rights Advocates' complaint against KBS' series, The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won after a horse on the set died.

KBS' new historical drama, The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won, garnered people's attention for the wrong reason as the series came under fire due to alleged animal abuse. KARA already issued a statement to address the issue that happened in the drama's episode 1 episode where a horse fell and died a week later.

Initially, the network uploaded a clip of the incident on its YouTube channel but removed it soon after criticisms came into the spotlight.

While the complaint the organization filed against The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won remains up in the air, SNSD Taeyeon broke her silence and shared her dismay over what happened.

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SNSD Taeyeon Angry After Learning The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won Incident

Taeyeon recently shared a screenshot of KARA's complaint against the drama on her Instagram Stories, sharing how painful it is to see a horse succumb due to negligence on the set.

According to the K-pop idol, she became emotional after watching the clip that has since-went viral. She added that it makes her angry that an animal died because of the "unbelievable method of filming."

"How can they film like that in this day and age.. It's a horrifying thing for both the people and the animals. Was there someone who ran to check the horse's state right away? Who on earth came up with this idea for this unbelievable method of filming?" she went on.

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KBS has not responded to Taeyeon's statement, but it was not the first time a celebrity shared their thoughts on what happened.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok also shared how productions should ensure the safety of its cast members and animals on their sets instead of caring more about money and time.

KBS Already Apologized For What Happened

Amid the animal abuse controversy, KBS responded through a statement and offered an apology to animal lovers and those who got affected by the incident. The company said that the production checked the horse's health status after it helplessly fell due to the rope tied on its back legs.

A week after the incident, it learned that the horse ultimately passed away.

In the same message, KBS assured it would connect with experts to learn from its mistakes and avoid repeating a similar unfortunate event.

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