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Free Zia To Be Edited Out of MBC’s The Manager Following Fake Designer Items Controversy

Credit: FREE ZIA/YouTube Screenshot

Free Zia has since apologized after Single’s Inferno viewers that she had been wearing imitations of famous branded products on the show and her social media accounts. The Netflix viewers first noticed it when they noticed a difference in the Chanel top she wore.

The YouTuber has since admitted that she indeed wore and used fake designer products. In response to the backlash she suffered, Free Zia released a handwritten apology letter and shared it with her followers.

However, despite her apology statement, MBC’s The Manager decided to oust her from the variety show a few days after saying it would still be broadcasting her part.

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Free Zia Says Goodbye To The Manager

In a report shared on NaverThe Manager’s production team released a statement on Thursday saying it would no longer air the YouTuber’s part she filmed with actress Kang Ye Won. The clip was supposed to air on January 29.

According to the message, it had a mutual discussion with Free Zia and decided not to air her footage. Still, it would release the January 29 broadcast with the other cast members.

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“We will do our best to show a better side of “The Manager” to viewers who support and love the program,” it said.

Previously, The Manager said on Tuesday that regardless of the controversy’s outcome, it would still include Free Zia’s parts on the broadcast.

While MBC already confirmed the removal of Free Zia’s appearance on the show, JTBC’s Ask Us Anything has not released an update on whether it would still air the YouTuber’s parts on the show.

Free Zia’s Earnings Per Sponsored Post Revealed

After the issue came out in public, people became curious about how much the influencer earns per sponsored post.

According to her agency, Hyowon CNC, one sponsored post from her costs around $23,150 before her fake branded items controversy. She also receives $67,000 for a sponsored video on her YouTube Channel.

She infamously rejected exclusive contracts with several cosmetics and fashion brands. But with her recent downfall, it is highly likely that she will not get an offer again for a while.

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