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Snowpiercer: Why the Train Has to Move and Can't Stop and the Reason It Was Built Instead of a Bunker

Credit: TNT

Snowpiercer, inspired by a French sci-fi novel Le Transperceneige, is the TV adaptation of the film with the same name from TNT and follows the concept of an ark-train which carries the remainder of the human race in a post-apocalyptic frozen earth.

Snowpiercer: Why the Train Has to Move?

In 1001 train cars, the last of mankind travels across the globe in a train that never stops. To maintain electricity and warmth throughout the train as the Earth is in the arctic tundra, the train circles the globe at high-speed using kinetic energy to provide power and heat as without it, all passengers aboard will die. This explains why it is built as a train instead of a bunker, the resources remaining on earth are all frozen shut and this led the creator of the train to think of a concept where other forms of energy will be utilized to make an alternative source of power.

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Credit: TNT

The apocalypse was a result of mankind abusing the environment making it too hot for a sustainable life. Scientists put their expertise to action in hopes of cooling the world by launching freezing chemical agents into the atmosphere but there was a flaw in their plan; it was too perfect that Earth went back to another Ice Age and even Earth's core got frozen.

Putting his vision into action, Wilford Industries built a train that will run forever to shelter what is left of mankind and preserve the whole human race from the devastating weather conditions that the Earth is experiencing. More than 130 cars are designated for artificial greenhouses to provide food sustaining all the passengers of the train. With the sun too far away from the cold, artificial light replaced it for the purpose of growing plants.

However, this vision of Mr. Wilford is not for everyone. The train is specifically designed only for those who can afford it. When chaos emerged, those who cannot afford to secure a slot on the ark-train forced their way in for survival. They were pushed back to the tail of the train but weren't given the same treatment as those who paid for their survival.

After years of being on the end of a non-stop train, a revolt emerged with the vision of democracy for everyone on board. In a battle of social injustice whilst being in the middle of an environmental pandemic, passengers from the back coach started infiltrating the train cars of the rich.

Snowpiercer Season 2 premieres on January 25, 2021, on TNT.

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