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Credit: TNT

Credit: TNT

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With revelations just past the horizon, Snowpiercer takes the story to the next level in its second season for the train that never stops running across the globe in a frozen Earth.

The last of humankind holds on to humanity seven years after the Earth was frozen shut making the environment not suitable for living, those remaining on Earth boarded a train called the Snowpiercer which serves as Noah's arc to preserve what is left of the human race where people faced class warfare and social injustice.

With new additional characters and surprise recurring characters, the trip goes on a rocky road as new adversities are faced by those who take the lead in the never-ending train ride of the series.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode List

The second season of Snowpiercer is set to have ten episodes with only four named to date: The Time of Two Engines for the first, Smoulder to Life for the second, A Great Odyssey for the third, and A Single Trade for the fourth. The other episodes' titles are yet to be released.

WARNING! This portion may contain spoilers for Snowpiercer, read at your own risk.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

After the shocking events of Episode 2 and the revelations that Josie is still alive and that the Earth is starting to heat up again, Melanie, after hatching a plan to re-take earth from the icy tundra, prepares to take on the most treacherous journey she would ever make in her life.

Meanwhile, Layton will be reevaluating the personal choices he made as Josie comes back in his life.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Title

The title for Episode 4 is "A Single Trade." The title would mirror what the episode is about which will focus on the Big Alice crew being given the go signal for their shore leave on the Snowpiercer. On the other hand, Layton and Wilford will go toe to toe in their opinions for the future.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Where to Watch

Snowpiercer Season 2 will be on TNT, the official network of the series. All previous episodes for the second season are available as well. Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 will be accessible through TNT's cable network, their website, and on the TNT App.

In case you missed it or if you want to binge-watch the first season of Snowpiercer, it is currently available for streaming on HBO Max and on TNT's pages.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Netflix Release Date

The Netflix release of Snowpiercer will be in one bulk of the whole season two of Snowpiercer. Netflix would still have to wait as to the time when the whole series finishes off its release on TNT. For viewers of Snowpiercer, the series releases episodes weekly via the TNT network.

That being said, the whole season 2 of Snowpiercer is slated for release on Netflix more or less starting March 30, 2021, as the official Netflix release date is yet to be announced. The time of its release is also tentative but drawing a conclusion for Netflix releases, new episodes are usually added on or before 8 AM.

For those living outside of the US, Netflix stays faithful to the weekly release of Snowpiercer, depending on the area where these are offered.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Episode 4 of Snowpiercer Season 2 is scheduled to air on TNT at 9 PM EST on February 15, 2021. For those who are in UK and Ireland, Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 will be available the next day at 8 AM GMT. The previous episodes are available on the TNT website.

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