Smallville Reboot: Creators Give an Honest Answer about Show’s Possible Revival

Credit: Flashback FM/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Flashback FM/YouTube Screenshot

It has been more than a decade since Smallville ended. But with the trend of rebooting classic shows today, will there be a Smallville reboot?

In an interview with the show’s co-creators, Al Gough and Miles Millar, it looks like the two have no plans to follow the trend. Hence, there may be no Smallville reboot, though an animated version may happen.

The Talks about Smallville Reboot

Smallville tells the origin story of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). It also shows Kent’s journey to becoming the world-famous Superman and Luthor’s faith in being one of the greatest villains.

Kent recently appeared in the Arrowverse, reigniting the talks about the possible Smallville reboot. So, will it happen?

“To be honest, no,” Gough told The Hollywood Reporter.

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“I think we told that story, and they’re always refreshing Superman. I just read last night that James Gunn’s writing a new younger Superman movie, and I’m like, ‘OK,” he continued. “I feel like we were very, very fortunate to do the show when we did it because we got to make the show we wanted to make, and frankly, there was no committee sitting over us telling us what we could or couldn’t do.”

Though there were still hurdles at the time, they still got the freedom to make Smallville the way they wanted.

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“I mean, we had Warner’s features, who wouldn’t give us certain characters that we wanted, but we got to make the show we wanted to make, which we wouldn’t be allowed to make that show today,” he added. “There were so many deviations from the canon. One generation’s heresy is the next generation’s gospel.”

Smallville Animated Series

By the looks of it, Gough and Miller are no longer interested in doing a Smallville reboot. They’re both busy working on Wednesday and other possible Addams Family spinoffs with the success of the Jenna Ortega show.

However, the story of Kent can continue in an animated series developed by the show’s original stars Welling and Rosenbaum.

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According to Startefacts, the series will be the eleventh season of Smallville and see Kent as the hero he’s supposed to become.

Smallville never meant to show a full-blown Man of Steel, so Welling told CBR the animated series could play that idea and feature the adult Superman.

He even hoped that all the original cast could return to reprise their roles as voice actors.

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