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Sinister Six Members: Who Are They?

The Sinister Six were first formed in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 1963. They were a collection of Spider-Man’s most dangerous opponents assembled by Doctor Octopus as an attempt to weaken Spider-Man with individual battles until one should defeat him.

In order to lure Spider-Man (Peter Parker) into battle, they kidnap Betty Brant and Aunt May, Peter’s closest relationships at the time. During this issue, Peter also starts to become ill and weak, finding that his powers are slowly being drained. 

So who are the other opponents Doc Ock has recruited to defeat our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? After they pull out numbers from a hat, they decide to face him in this order.

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AKA Maxwell Dillon

Electro gained his powers while working as an electrical engineer. During an accident that should have killed him, he instead became a human electrical capacitor.

Due to the fact he needs to recharge his electric powers, he decides to battle Spider-Man in an electric plant where he has the upper ground. It is only during this battle while dodging one of Electro’s lightning bolts that Spider-Man realizes his powers have returned! In which he then uses his agility to be able to outsmart Electro and delivers a punch that only one with spider strength could muster. He takes the next clue from Electro on where to go next, It is here that he then bumps into Iron Man who takes Electro into custody.


Kraven The Hunter

AKA Sergei Kravinoff

Kraven fighting spider-man in the sinister six
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Kraven gained his powers through a mystical potion that he drank granting him increased strength, agility, speed, and heightened senses. It’s his mission to be the number one hunter in all of the Marvel Universe and he sees Spider-Man as his ultimate prey.


He attacks Spider-Man with two leopards and through a swift combination of agility and his webbing, Spider-Man is able to take the clue of his next opponent from Kraven and quickly swings away.



AKA Quentin Beck 

Despite giving the illusion that he contains many supernatural powers, Mysterio aka Quentin Beck is actually a special effects designer on movie sets. Using his talent for illusions, he then turned to a life of crime often tricking Spider-Man’s eyes and therefore having to make him rely on his spider-sense - or as he says in Spider-Man: Far From Home his “Peter tingle.”

As per usual, when Spider-Man first enters the warehouse, he becomes confused because instead of any villains waiting for him, he sees The Uncanny X-Men waiting for him. As he begins to fight all of them away, he slowly realizes that they are all mechanical robots controlled by Mysterio from a hidden room. Breaking through the wall he is then able to defeat Mysterio.



AKA Flint Marko, Real Name: William Baker

sandman fightin spider-man in sinister six
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Sandman gained his powers while fleeing a crime scene, while escaping through a nuclear testing facility, he was caught in an accident that molded his DNA with radioactive sand, and as a result, can now mold his body into different hard and soft shapes using his sand-like form.


As he fights with Spider-Man, he lures him into a small steel container where Spider-Man won’t be able to escape. However, his plan backfires on him when he realizes that the container is airtight and Spidey’s strength allows him to hold his breath much easier for longer. This causes Sandman to weaken and for Spider-Man to be able to escape.



AKA Adrian Toombes

Adrian Toombes was an electronic engineer who built a wingsuit built around an electromagnetic harness that allows him to fly. In order to restore revenge on his business partner, he turned to a life of crime.

Before Vulture battles Spider-Man, he insists that Spider-Man not use his webbing. He then throws a lasso around Spider-Mans ankle in an attempt to carry him across the city. Using his strength and agility, Spidey is able to get on top of Vultures back and essentially ride him down to a nearby building where he can take his next clue.


Doctor Octopus

AKA Doctor Otto Octavius

doc ock fighting spider-man in sinister six
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Doctor Otto Octavius was a nuclear physicist. He designed a set of electrical mechanical arms that allowed him to handle dangerous elements. However, after an explosion in his lab, Doctor Octopus is able to telepathically control these mechanical arms even when separate from his body.


Through the work of a trapdoor, Doctor Octopus is able to trap Spider-Man in a massive fishbowl filled with water. He then climbs in afterward wearing scuba gear and they begin to battle just like an octopus vs a helpless Spider. As one last resort, Spidey shoots the last of his webbing tangling Doc Ock’s arms. During this struggle, Spider-Man is then able to escape from the fishbowl dragging Doc Ock out with him.

It is afterward that Spider-Man points out that if they simply attempted to fight him all at once, then they may have succeeded!


The Sinister Six Members Reunite

Throughout the Marvel Universe, there are other iterations of The Sinister Six. However, the list above is the original Sinister Six Members. In The Amazing Spider-Man #334, Doctor Octopus recruits The Sinister Six again however this time, due to the death of Kraven The Hunter, Doc Ock replaces him with Hobgoblin.

As well as this, we do also see iterations of Hobgoblin being replaced with The Green Goblin, but none are quite as memorable as the first time that The Sinister Six all teamed up to face Spider-Man in The Marvel Universe.

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