Single’s Inferno Star Kang So Yeon Unveils Sneak Peek of Comeback Track Loca Loca

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Credit: Warner Music Korea / YouTube screenshot

Kang So Yeon teases fans with a glimpse of her track Loca Loca.

The 34-year-old beauty who gained popularity in Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is making a comeback in the music scene.

Kang So Yeon Teases Fans with Loca Loca MV

On June 21, Warner Music Korea released the Loca Loca MV teaser featuring Kang So Yeon’s sultry moves, charming beauty, and of course, her amazing voice as she sings a bit part of her new track.

She also shared this on her social media, noting that the whole single will be released on June 22 at 12 p.m. KST.

Interestingly, most of her fans expressed how excited they are for her return.

To recall, before her music solo debut, Kang So Yeon was part of the Kpop co-ed group WE.

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Kang So Yeon Recalls Journey as a Kpop Star

Before her massive popularity as the athletic and girl boss Kang So Yeon in Single’s Inferno, she went by the stage name Rosie and was the group’s only female member.

The trio was launched in 2011 and was able to release their first digital single, Biga, followed by their mini-album, WE the Party, a year later.

In one of her Q&As released on her official YouTube channel, she got honest and shared the struggles she encountered during her trainee days.

As obtained by Koreaboo, the reality star mentioned that she spent five years as a trainee and debuted with “one mini-album and one regular album.”

Moreover, she also recalls the fun part of being in a group.

Kang So Yeon revealed calling their fans WE-gookin since most of their supporters were foreigners, adding “100% of our fans were foreigners. When we’d perform at a music show, those who were holding our placard were foreigners.”

Despite the short stint of WE in the music industry the 34-year-old beauty said that they “have fun while it lasted.”

As her Q&A continues, Kang So Yeon was “thankful” that her former Kpop group “are being mentioned again.”

Moreover, she also had realizations saying that it made her “realize that all of those [times] wasn’t for nothing, because I was constantly told that my life had failed.

After Single’s Inferno restarted her career, Kang So Yeon is also a girl boss in real life.

She is the CEO of her own gym, HitFit Boxing, and also does modeling on the side.

Now, it is safe to say that she will be booked and busy in the coming months since she made a comeback to the music industry.


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