Single's Inferno Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, News & Everything You Need to Know

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Single Inferno is Netflix's first-ever original South Korean reality dating game show, and its premise is simple: 12 singles (6 men, 6 women) are stranded on a deserted island together. The participants are only given a few resources, and the only way they can escape the island to a luxury hotel (referred to as "Paradise") is if they romantically match for date nights. The 12 singles are only allowed to talk about their age and profession in the "Paradise" hotel.

Single's Inferno 2
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Credit: Netflix
Single's Inferno 2

The reality show became a huge hit across the world as Netflix subscribers rushed to see the romantic and friendly interactions between the South Korean participants, many of whom are business owners, fitness models, and social media celebrities.

Netflix released two episodes weekly for the show's first season with a runtime of 57 to 71 minutes each, and now that all eight episodes are now available to watch on the streaming platform, many have already binged all of them to find out who ends up with who, and who remained single.

Of course, those who can't get enough are wondering if Single's Inferno will return for a second season. Will there be Season 2? Here's everything you need to know about the future of Single's Inferno.

Single’s Inferno Season 2 Release Date

Single's Inferno Moon Se-Hoon
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Credit: Netflix
Single's Inferno Moon Se-Hoon

Single's Inferno Season 1 premiered on December 18, 2021, on Netflix, and wrapped up with its final two episodes on January 8, 2022.

Yes, we're aware that you're itching to find out if Single's Inferno Season 2 is coming. The good news is that Netflix has officially renewed Single's Inferno for Season 2!

Netflix released an announcement video confirming the show's renewal:

Netflix already announced in a new trailer that Single's Inferno Season 2 is coming to Netflix on December 13, 2022.

According to various reports, the dating show performed well across the world: Netflix subscribers spent over 17 million hours watching the show, so it's not surprising that Single's Inferno will return. After all, the streaming giant has been massively successful with other reality shows like Love is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot to Handle.

However, let's not forget the time required for renewal, production, and post-production. It would be safe to assume that Single's Inferno Season 2 would arrive sometime in Q1 2023. We double-checked Netflix's upcoming titles for November 2022, and it doesn't include Single's Inferno Season 2.

In July 2022, Kbizoom reported about Netflix Korea’s entertainment meeting event was held in Seoul. During that event, Reed Hastings, Co-CEO of Netflix, showed up in a video message and said, “I came to Korea two weeks earlier, and it’s a shame that I couldn’t be with you. Still, I’m very happy to be able to introduce Netflix’s works.”

Hastings continued, “Now, it is impossible to talk about entertainment around the world without mentioning Korea. Recently, there was Single’s Inferno. The whole world is falling in love with a Korean dating reality show. I really look forward to Season 2 of Single’s Inferno. Korean series like Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead are the center of global trends. Korea is really important to Netflix. I’m grateful that Netflix is ​​growing rapidly. We wish to do well with Korea while sharing the cultural spirit.”

Single's Inferno Season 2 Trailer: Did Netflix already release one?

Netflix has released a trailer for Single's Inferno Season 2, which you can watch here:

The streamer also teased the upcoming season in Tudum Korea global fan event in September 2022. The presentation featured Single's Inferno Season 1 stars Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon.

You can watch the teaser at the 8-minute mark of the Tudum Korea video below:

Single’s Inferno Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Single's Inferno Season 2
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Credit: Netflix
Single's Inferno Season 2

Single's Inferno Season 1 featured a diverse group of singles, including Kang So-Yeon, Oh Jin-Taek, and An Yea-Won. Kim Jun-Sik, Kim Su-Min, Moon Se-Hoon, Song Ji-a, Shin Ji-Yeon, Kim Hyeon-Joong, Seong Min-Ji, Choi Si-Hun, and Cha Hyun-Seong. However, these South Korean participants will likely not return in Season 2 if it's confirmed — simply because such reality shows require new people in every season in order to retain the entertainment freshness value of the format.

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While the participants of Season 1 may not appear for another round, we might see Lee Da-hee, Hong Jin-Kyung, and Hanhae again since they are panelists who comment and observer the participants' behaviors. If Netflix green-lights Season 2, expect a number of entrepreneurs and social media celebrities to appear.

What would change in Single's Inferno Season 2?

Single's Inferno
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Credit: Netflix
Single's Inferno

According to Korea JoongAng Daily, Single's Inferno producers and creators, Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun explained what they would change if they renewed the series for Single's Inferno Season 2.

“From the feedback we’ve heard from the contestants, they pointed out that the time period of eight nights and nine days seem to be too short for them to really get to know each other, so we might consider expanding the number of days,” explained Kim.

Many Single Inferno fans would agree that the time frame is too short, especially for the new participants who entered the island in the show's fifth episode. In a Q&A video between An Yea-won and Hyun-seung, he said, “It was too short for me… The time was too short for me to express something. It felt like it was over without even starting.”

The creators also explained that they would consider diversifying the contestants’ games in the show. “We do not believe that the concept of Single’s Inferno will drastically change for Season 2,” Kim said. According to the creators, the show would still keep the concept of cutting off contestants from the outside world because it added a level of realism as they “were sometimes clumsy and awkward even though they’re highly attractive people.”

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Any updates from the stars of Single's Inferno Season 1?

If you can't enough of Moon Se-Hoon, you can check out his new YouTube channel. Here's his first video:

Moon also reunited with Shin Ji-Yeon in a vlog uploaded on Shin's YouTube channel, and it featured footage from their meeting, a brief "MBTI Balance Game" section, and a Q&A session.

During the Q&A, the Single's Inferno stars reminisced and discussed their time on the Netflix show, sharing how and why they each ended up being contestants on the hit reality series. They also talked about their first impressions of each other while filming and how they feel about the show since it ended in January.

“Before I watched the show, it didn’t feel real and I just thought it was a good experience and I met a nice person,” Moon said. “After the show, I felt really thankful. For both of us, there’s been a lot of change in our lives. I couldn’t really get used to that. There were stressful parts too.”

On June 21, contestant Kang So Yeon released a music video on YouTube for her new song Loca Loca.

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