Netflix Renews Korean Reality Dating Show Single's Inferno For Season 2

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Netflix's hit South Korean reality dating show Single's Inferno will return for Season 2. The steaming giant released an announcement video confirming its renewal (watch it below).

Single's Inferno
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Credit: Netflix
Single's Inferno

Single Inferno's concept is simple: 12 singles (6 men, 6 women) are stranded on a deserted island together. The contestants are only given a few resources, and the only way they can escape the island to a luxury hotel (referred to as "Paradise") is if they romantically match for date nights. The 12 singles are restricting from talking about their age and profession until they reach the "Paradise" hotel.

Single's Inferno Season 1 became a huge hit after it was released on Netflix on December 18, 2021, ranking on the streamer's Top 10 list for non-English TV for three consecutive weeks, peaking in fourth place.

Netflix released this statement about the show's renewal: “Fans can expect to escape to ‘Inferno’ island to see more steamy moments, adrenaline-pumping dates and much more, as our new singles embark on relationships in the pursuit of love. The goal? Couple up and escape the inferno!”

While the new season will also be co-produced by Sijak Company and JTBC, the reality dating show creators Kim Jae Won and Kim Na Hyun will be back on board.

As for the changes to expect for Season 2: Kim said: “From the feedback we’ve heard from the contestants, they pointed out that the time period of eight nights and nine days seem to be too short for them to really get to know each other, so we might consider expanding the number of days."

The showrunners also explained that they would consider diversifying the contestants’ games in the show. “We do not believe that the concept of Single’s Inferno will drastically change for Season 2,” Kim said. According to the creators, the show would still keep the concept of cutting off contestants from the outside world because it added a level of realism as they “were sometimes clumsy and awkward even though they’re highly attractive people.”

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Single's Inferno is now taking applications in South Korea for the new season, so we will surely see a new group of contestants. You can read more details about Single's Inferno Season 2 here.


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