Single’s Inferno 2 Cast: Who Among the Participants Have the Most Instagram Followers?

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

There’s no doubt that Netflix’s Single’s Inferno 2 is among the hottest reality dating shows as the second season showcased a bolder, hotter, and more dramatic sequel.

With new cast members, the 12 participants constantly gained viewers' attention with their undeniable charm, visuals, and their remarkable interactions on the island called “inferno.”

As the South Korean reality show remains one of the most talked about programs on Netflix, get to know more about Single’s Inferno 2 cast through their Instagrams.

Lee Nadine (1.2 Million)

Considered one of the fan favorites, Lee Nadine’s Instagram is the most followed among the batch as the 22-year-old beauty rakes 1.2M followers as of this writing.

With her Instagram handle @deeenerss, she is a student at Harvard University with a degree in neuroscience.

Choi Seo Eun (793,000 followers)

Second on the rankings is Choi Seo Eun who has around 793,000 Instagram followers with an IG handle @4x4ischoi.

The 27-year-old beauty is an artist who earned her degree at the Pratt Institute’s School of Art with a major in Fine Arts.

Interestingly, Choi Seo Eun is also brains and beauty as the reality star also won Miss Korea back in 2021.

Kim Se Jun (721K followers)

Besides Lee Nadine, Kim Se Jun is also among the well-loved Single’s Inferno 2 cast.

Not only viewers shipped him and Lee So E’s romance but the South Korean heartthrob is unexpectedly among the funny guys of the bunch.

Interestingly, one of the episodes revealed that Kim Se Jun made a brief appearance in season 1. It was during Oh Jin Taek’s introduction. That is because Se Jun works as a tailor for Ascottage, the clothing brand owned by Oh Jin Taek.

Currently, Kim Se Jun’s Instagram, with the handle  @asser__kim has 721,000 followers and counting.

Shin Seul Ki (656,000 Followers)

With over 656,000 Instagram followers, Shin Seul Ki, who goes by the handle @shinseulkee, has three goes swooning over him on the island.

She is a piano major at Seoul National University and is now in her fourth-year college.

Moreover, just like Choi Seo Eun, she also joined the pageant and took home the title of 2020 Miss Chunhyang 1st placer.

Kim Jin Young (598,000 Followers)

The Single’s Inferno 2 bad boy Kim Jin Young has a very impressive follower count as he currently rakes 598,000 on IG via @ex_xeb.

During the broadcast, he revealed that he used to be part of the UDT or the Underwater Demolition Team of South Korea.

However, he is mostly active now on YouTube sharing his passion about guns and self-defense.

Choi Joong Woo (511K followers)

The 27 years old heartthrob is an entrepreneur and runs a family-owned coffee shop in Seoul.

Currently, Choi Joong Woo, whose Instagram is @jvvcful has 511,000 followers and counting.

Lee So E (506K followers)

The adorable Lee So E gained the viewers' attention after the show featured her unexpected closeness with Kim Se Jun.

The budding actress, who also appeared in K-dramas like The Glory and Snowdrop has Instagram followers of 506,000.

Park Se Jeong (494K followers)

Known for her sultry and effortless charm, Park Se Jeong revealed that she is a professional model and works under YG Entertainment's subsidiary label KPlus.

Park Se Jeong’s Instagram @jennonpark has 494,000 followers as of this writing.

Kim Han Bin (419K followers)

The group’s chef, Kim Han Bin is among the first participants who entered the island.

His Instagram, @domestic_seal currently has 419,000.

Interestingly, this heathrob is an award winning chef who bagged the title at Korea International Cooking Contest in 2018 and Director of Organization Award in 2019.

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Jo Yoong Jae (342K followers)

Apart from adding traveler as his hobby, the 32-year-old cutie works in the security business in Yeouido.

He has around 342,000 Instagram followers and often updates them with his random posts.

Shin Dong Woo (178K followers)

During his date with Lee Nadine on Paradise, he revealed that he works as a plastic surgeon.

Shin Dong Woo’s Instagram now has 178,000 followers.

Lim Min Su (101K followers)

Among the newcomers in Single’s Inferno 2, Lim Min Su has 101,000 followers.

This beauty is an owner of an online clothing shop and also does modeling on the side.

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