Lee Dong Hwi Revelation: Actor Prefers Doing Ad-Libs Because of His Poor Memory

Credit: Stoen Music Entertainment / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Stoen Music Entertainment / YouTube screenshot

Lee Dong Hwi is among K-drama stars who could portray various roles, may it be a protagonist or a villain.

Interestingly, he is also known for his strong and remarkable ad-libs however, he has a reason for it.

In a report, Lee Dong Hwi previously revealed that he prefers doing ad-libs or a line that was not included in the script, rather than memorizing his lines.

Lee Dong Hwi Reveals Preferring to Do Ad-Libs than Memorizing His Line

In the same outlet, directors noticed Lee Dong Hwi’s skills in doing impromptu lines and even asked for recommendations for it.

He reportedly revealed that this skill is because of his “poor memorization” hence ad-lib is his way of adjusting to it.

With this, the actor got honest and reveals his true feelings saying how he wanted to pull off delivering lines based on the script.

“Since I have to prepare ad-libs in a short period of time, I was envious of actors who followed the script”, he said, as noted by the outlet.

Despite his shortcomings, Lee Dong Hwi gained confidence and learned how to use his skill to come up with spur-of-the-moment lines.

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Interestingly, one of his genius work that is considered his breakthrough performance was his role in Reply 1988 series.

Playing the role of Ryu Dong Ryong, he made a mark on viewers by adding impromptu lines that made his character shine.

The same goes for his appearance in the movie Extreme Job, where he added screaming as his ad-lib, gaining him the moniker “ad-lib genius” and “ad-lib god.”

Lee Dong Hwi’s Upcoming Projects: From New Dramas to Multiple Movies

The award-winning star is currently appearing in the action crime drama Big Bet with Son Seok Koo, Lee Dong Hwi is set to join the cast of the upcoming MBC series Chief Inspector 1963, helmed by Confidential Assignment 1 director Kim Sung Hoon.

As for his big-screen projects, he will star in various films in 2023.

After a few cameo roles in 2022, Lee Dong Hwi will play the main character in Maybe We Broke Up opposite Jung Eun Chae.

In addition, he will also star in the highly anticipated sequel, The Roundup: Punishment, with Ma Dong Seok and Kim Mu Yeol.

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