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Single’s Inferno 2 Cast Lee Nadine Reveals Being ‘Tricked’ by Shin Dong Woo

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Single’s Inferno 2 cast had a reunion after the reality dating show aired its season finale.

All 12 participants except for Kim Se Jun joined the get-together as the participants graced The Swoon’s invitation where they get to see the show’s highlights and give their first impressions.

Present on the reunion episode is Shin Seul Ki, Park Se Jeong, Lee So E, Lee Nadine, Choi Seo Eun, Choi Jong Woo, Jo Yoong Jae, Kim Han Bin, Kim Jin Young, Shin Dong Woo, and Lim Min Su who dishes on the never before seen moments on the island.

To recall, the second season welcomed 9 participants – five women and four men, who are set to live on a deserted island to find their true love.

Midway through the show, Single’s Inferno 2 introduced three newcomers that surely heated up the course of the game.

Lo and behold, Kim Se Jun, Kim Jin Young, and Kim Min Su made season 2 more interesting.

Single’s Inferno 2’s Lee Nadine Got Honest About Feelings with Shin Dong Woo

During part 1 of the show’s reunion episode where they get to discuss their experience and thoughts about the reality dating show, Lee Nadine along with her female co-stars watched the scene where she spoke about her honest feelings about Dong Woo with some finding it “cool.”

The same goes for the male contestants who lauded Lee Nadine’s bold interaction with Shin Dong Woo.

Interestingly, at one point the scene featured the Harvard med student saying “We’ll be able to talk more in Paradise, right?” she said, speaking to Dong Woo.

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However, in the special episode, Lee Nadine said, “He tricked me here” causing laughter among her fellow cast members.

Her striking remark was also mentioned during the men’s reaction video, with the guys teasing Dong Woo that he “flirted too much” but he gave a calm explanation.

The heartthrob plastic surgeon apologized and said “I’d only known her for a few days,” and pointed out that they are still at the getting-to-know stage, adding “so I had to stay open to all possibilities.”

On the other hand, the public was impressed with how Lee Nadine gave an honest reaction upon watching the scene.

Who Did Lee Nadine Ended Up on Single’s Inferno 2

As the Netflix reality dating show aired the 10 episodes, the finale featured three couples leaving Inferno but four participants left alone on a deserted island.

Lim Min Su, Park Se Jeong, Kim Han Bin, and Lee Nadine ended up with no partners.

Shin Dong Woo and Kim Jin Young, who previously interacted with the Harvard student chose Shin Seul Ki but she ended up with Choi Jong Woo.

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