Park Hyo Joo Reveals Shocking Sacrifice She Did For Now, We Are Breaking Up Roles

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Park Hyo Joo has two decades of experience in the acting industry, and she knows what she should do to perfectly portray her roles.

With several films and series under her belt, Park Hyo Joo surely trained herself in the hardest but most beneficial way. She became one of the most important chambers of several Korean flicks, completing them with her superb and unmatched acting skills.


Since 2001, Korean actresses have continuously appeared on TV and big screens. Among the titles under her belt include A Day, Crazy First Love, Punch, The Flu, The Pension, Blue Busking, Air city, The Chaser, Twenty Again, Wanted, Dr. Romantic 2, and most recently, Now, We Are Breaking Up.

For her role in Song Hye Kyo-led series, she reportedly did something unexpected to give the best portrayal of the character – and she nailed it in the end.

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Park Hyo Joo’s Biggest Sacrifice Revealed


Park Hyo Joo plays the role of ex-model Jeon Mi Sook in Now, We Are Breaking Up. The character is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, causing her to undergo emotional and physical pain.

The Korean actress, for her part, reportedly lost 7 kgs. to portray the role of a cancer patient in the series.

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“It was quite difficult to lose the weight because I’m not the type to really gain weight in the first place. When I look at cancer patients, I see a lot of patients not being able to eat properly, and they lose weight. When I was reading the script, I couldn’t get myself to eat,” she went on.


Her sacrifice was worth it, as it led her to win the Best Supporting Actress award in the Romance/Comedy category at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards. She initially could not accept the fact that she scored the award since she received it before the drama ended.

But after facing all the self-doubts, she was finally able to embrace the award.

Actress Had Deep Thoughts While Filming Now, We Are Breaking Up


Park Hyo Joo, aside from her weight, talked about the other changes she faced because of her role.

As her character showed the dark side of being a cancer patient, the actress reportedly started wondering about death. She also began paying attention to everything and realized what is truly important in her life.

In the series, she experienced having a husband who has an affair with another woman despite sharing a daughter with him. Thus, she found it hard to contain her character’s sadness with all those issues she has in her life.

As an actress who mostly played strong characters in the past, Park Hyo Joo was grateful to have an opportunity to experience a role “with more warmth.

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