SHY Anime Adaptation Reveals 2023 Release Date

shy anime
Credit: Bukimi Jitsuki / Akita Shoten / SHY Production Committee

shy anime
Credit: Bukimi Jitsuki / Akita Shoten / SHY Production Committee

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Superheroes aren’t just popular in Hollywood, as the anime industry also has its fair share of hero-focused shows. Soon, another one will join the fray as the superhero anime, SHY, will be released sometime this year.

While fans outside Japan probably haven’t heard of this series yet, SHY is a manga series that’s serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion and has been ongoing since 2019.

Later this year, the manga’s anime adaptation will be released, and it might just be a must-watch for fans of shows like My Hero Academia.

SHY: A Hit Superhero Manga Series

Weekly Shonen Champion may not be as popular as the big three Shonen magazines, but it’s still home to several popular titles that have spawned anime adaptations.

These include Yowamushi Pedal and Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun.

The latest Shonen Champion manga to get the anime treatment is SHY, a series that’s set in a world where pro heroes keep the peace in their respective countries.

Unlike popular hero anime like My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man where lots of heroes protect Japan, SHY is different as each country only has one primary hero.

Its story follows Teru Momijiyama, a 14-year-old girl who is Japan’s hero representative.

She goes by the hero name “Shy” due to her extreme shyness. This has resulted in issues that plagued her start as Japan’s main hero.

In the series’ world, each country’s hero can communicate with each other at the Heroes’ Hideout space station.

The heroes work to defend the world from Amalareiks, an evil organization.

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SHY Anime Cast, Staff, and Release Date

shy anime visual
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Credit: Bukimi Jitsuki / Akita Shoten / SHY Production Committee

The upcoming anime adaptation of SHY was announced back in October.

It will be animated by Eight Bit, the studio behind shows like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime as well as Blue Lock.

Now, more info about the anime was revealed, including the main character’s voice actor.

Specifically, Teru Momijiyama (aka Shy) will be voiced by Shino Shimoji, the voice behind Rum in Shadows House.

Along with the main star, the anime’s director was also revealed. At the series’ helm is Masaomi Ando, the director of Astra Lost in Space and Scum's Wish.

The SHY TV anime will premiere sometime in 2023. Given that there’s no word yet on a release window, it’s possible that the show will be released in Fall 23, especially as Spring 23 shows are already getting release date announcements.

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Source: SHY anime website, Twitter account

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