Shueisha Releases One Piece Art Collection by Eiichiro Oda Worth Over 1 Million Yen

one piece art collection luffy volume 62
Credit: Shueisha / Eiichiro Oda

one piece art collection luffy volume 62
Credit: Shueisha / Eiichiro Oda

Just a few days after One Piece's 25th-anniversary celebration, Shueisha unveiled a special One Piece art collection by series creator Eiichiro Oda that’s worth over 1 million yen.

The collection was revealed recently as part of Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage, and it features two collections with a total of three art pieces.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage preserves manga art and releases them as museum-quality art pieces. These collectable artworks are released under four labels which are divided based on the printing method.

A video promoting the collection has also been released:

The first of the new One Piece art collections is entitled The Press "Red Hair" which is released to celebrate the upcoming release of One Piece Film: Red. As its name implies, this art piece highlights Red-Haired Shanks.

“Red Hair” features a limited print of the iconic panel which shows Shanks saving Luffy taken from One Piece Volume 1. It is an A2 (594 x 420mm) print that features a seal signature and is printed using a flatbed letterpress on Gmund Cotton Max White paper.

Given that it is a limited-edition run and uses high-quality materials, the “Red Hair” print is priced at JPY 495,000 (around USD 3,660).

It won’t be easy to buy though as a lottery system is in place for people who are interested in ordering one.

The second collection is called In the Sea Part 1, and it consists of two full-color prints. The first is an A2 print of the Mermaid Cove art printed on fine art paper which served as the cover artwork for One Piece Volume 62.

Meanwhile, the second print features the Mermaid Café art printed on A2 art paper that was released on Eiichiro Oda Art Book: ONE PIECE COLOR WALK 8 WOLF.

Both prints come in a set of 2 and are priced at JPY 297,000 (around USD 2,200). Like the “Red Hair” print, the In the Sea Part 1 prints will be available via a lottery system.

The lotteries for both collections are accepting entries now until August 3, 2022, on the Manga-Art Heritage website shop.

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