Shooting Stars New Trailer: Did Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae's Characters Have Past Relationship?

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Credit: tvN DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Shooting Stars seemingly has a more intriguing story to tell about Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae’s characters soon.

The upcoming K-drama series, which has 16 episodes, tells the story of Oh Han Byul, who works as a team leader in an entertainment agency’s PR team. While working in the company, she meets Gong Tae Sung, a top star in the country and her nemesis.

It also explores the real-life story of people who work for celebrities in South Korea’s entertainment industry.

While it seems like the drama might tell a blossoming relationship between the two characters, the new trailer hinted at a potential past relationship they shared.

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Do Lee Sung Kyung’s Oh Han Byul, Kim Young Dae’s Gong Tae Sung Have Past Relationship in Shooting Stars?

On tvN Drama’s official YouTube channel, a 15-second trailer summarized Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung’s relationship, indicating that they met before working together at the entertainment agency.

In the teaser, Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung watch a movie at a theatre as if they have a date. The female lead questions Gong Tae Sung for having some time to watch a movie after refusing to do his school report.

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Gong Tae Sung suddenly puts a finger close to her lips and tells her that the movie is interesting. The fact that the two characters talked about the school report hinted that they were schoolmates before meeting at the PR agency.

In the remaining seconds of the clip, Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung peek at each other, causing the gaze to have an exciting yet romantic atmosphere.

Shooting Stars Poster Offers The Same Impression!

Aside from the short trailer, the previously-uploaded poster also proved Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung’s heart-fluttering relationship.

The two characters sit next to each other on a film set while gazing at each other. Oh Han Byul fixes his hair as she smiles at him, while Gong Tae Sung stares at her as if he has fallen for her already.

Fans will know more about their story once Shooting Stars premiere on April 22.

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