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TWICE Nayeon Might Be The First Member To Make Solo Debut; Potential Hint Revealed

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Nayeon might be the first member to release a solo album years after their debut.

TWICE might be the next K-pop supergroup next to BTS as they continue to dominate Hollywood and international charts. They have consistently released hit dance songs that are being followed globally, including Cheer Up, TT, Signal, and What is Love, to name a few.

With the success and attention they are getting, some fans have been asking why no member has ever attempted to make a solo debut. But the waiting game is seemingly over as ONCE spotted a hint about Nayeon’s solo debut.

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TWICE Nayeon Releasing Solo Album Soon, Fans Predict

Online communities recently expressed their excitement after fans spotted a cryptic item on a website where companies register their products to have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

One item has the title, NA/1st Mini Album. JYP Entertainment registered the item on March 23 and set DREAMUS Company as the official distributor. Fans immediately assumed that it indicated Nayeon’s upcoming mini-album since other items on the website that have a similar format had already begun their sales.

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For instance, ON/2nd Mini Album that was registered by SM Entertainment on March 29 confirmed SHINee Onew’s comeback on April 11. The K-pop idol has since confirmed the arrival of his second solo mini-album, DICE.

While it hyped fans already, some ONCE were surprised that Nayeon would be the first member to have a solo debut. They were reportedly expecting Mina, Chaeyoung, or Jihyo to try going solo instead of Nayeon.

Nayeon’s Debut Contradicts Jihyo’s Vision

If the reports are true, then Nayeon’s solo debut would affect TWICE’s promotions.

The girl group’s leader, Jihyo, once revealed in an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star that having solo or unit groups would compromise their career as a whole.

“We would have to discuss with our company, but if we did do any unit promotions if we did do any unit promotions,” she said.

The reports about Nayeon’s solo debut should be taken with a grain of salt for now. But with or without the debut of other units, ONCE are hopeful that the group would promote for a long time.

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