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Shooting Stars Shock: Kim Young Dae Shares Whether He Would Publicly Confirm Relationship If He Has One After K-drama Finale

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Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Shooting Stars actor Kim Young Dae wants to do what Gong Tae Sung did in the drama in his future relationship.

The tvN drama series featuring Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung officially ended on June 11. The K-drama explores the character’s love-and-hate relationship before developing romantic feelings toward each other while working in the entertainment industry.

Although Kim Young Dae’s Gong Tae Sung already wants to tell the world that he has a girlfriend, Lee Sung Kyung’s Oh Han Byul prevents him from doing so due to fears that she might face some troubles.

But in the end, she agrees to it and publicizes his relationship as the company’s PR team leader.

After the drama’s ending, Kim Young Dae reflected on whether he would have the same thoughts as his character.

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Kim Young Dae on Making His Relationship Public

In a new interview, the actor told the reporter that he would go public with his relationship just like what Gong Tae Sung did.

"If I had a girlfriend, I don't think there would be any reason I shouldn't make our relationship public. Is it really necessary to hide that?" he said. "Now that it's been some time since I've made debut, I know how big the responsibility that comes with this career. So, I believe I would start a relationship with someone considering all that from the beginning."

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Kim Young Dae debuted in the web series Secret Crushes: Special Edition. He starred in more web dramas before making a TV debut through the KBS2 Drama Special episode: The Time Left Between Us.

From there, he starred in more series, including Item, Welcome to Waikiki 2, Extra-ordinary You, When The Weather Is Fine, Cheat on Me If You Can, and The Penthouse: War in Life.

In the end, he said he would not choose to keep it a secret if he is serious about the relationship.

Kim Young Dae Shares Whether Shooting Stars Plot Can Happen in Real Life

Elsewhere in the discussion, he opened up about whether the things that happened in the K-drama could happen in real life.

For Kim Young Dae, seeing an artist start a relationship with his manager or staff is low. Still, he noted that some celebrities ended up marrying their manager after spending so much time together.

He went on to explain that it would be impossible to develop feelings since everyone is busy with their work. But he noted that the exception could still make it possible.

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