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ATBO Shock: Yang Donghwa Exits Boy Group Before Debut Due to Worrying Reason

Credit: THE ORIGIN - A, B, Or What? Official/YouTube Screenshot

ATBO will continue as a six-member group following Yang Donghwa’s exit.

ATBO and its agency, IST Entertainment, have been waiting patiently to finally debut the boy group.

The new K-pop stars were formed through the survival audition show, The Origin – A, B, Or What? On Kakao TV-MBN.

But one member did not survive before the group’s supposed to debut.

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IST Entertainment Conducted Thorough Procedure

On June 13, ATBO’s agency, IST Entertainment, released an official statement to address the issues surrounding Yang Donghwa’s name.

For what it’s worth, several people accused the trainee of misconduct toward his schoolmates in the past. The company reportedly contacted the school officials and acquaintances to confirm the issue and do fact-checking.

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“Though some of the assertions turned out to be different from the truth, we found out there were students who were hurt because of Yang Donghwa’s immature and inappropriate remarks and actions. We were able to get through to some of the students, and Yang Donghwa offered a sincere apology to them in person,” the agency continued.

IST Entertainment noted that Yang Donghwa is ashamed of his actions and has since expressed his regret. The agency also offered its apology to those who were victimized by the trainee.

Yang Donghwa Leaves ATBO Before Highly Anticipated Debut

After the fact-checking process, IST Entertainment decided that Yang Donghwa would no longer join ATBO in its scheduled debut.

With his time off, the trainee would reportedly spend his time repenting. It also disclosed the in-depth discussion they had with the artist and his parents.

“Yang Donghwa will continue to work toward his goal. A young man with his whole life ahead of him is admitting his mistake, taking responsibility, and repenting. We would more than appreciate it if you understood and encouraged him as he learns from his mistakes and grows into a mature and responsible member of society. Thank you,” the agency ended its press release.

Yang Donghwa’s case is not the first issue ATBO encountered.

Earlier this month, IST Entertainment changed the group’s name from ABO to ATBO due to fears that the term might be misunderstood as a slur in Australia.

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