Shocking Captain America Twist (Possibly) Explained By Fan Theory

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Steve Rogers: Captain America #1!

Earlier this week, the world was shocked when a crazy twist completely changed Captain America in a comic book by writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz. A lot of fans got so enraged online that they sent death threats to Spencer. Even Captain America actor Chris Evans posted his reaction on Twitter. But calm down, fans, this might just be a set up for another plot twist. A particular fan theory has us looking at the twist in a fresh way.

At the end of the first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America #1, we see Cap throw his teammate, Jack Flag, out of a jet and say, "Hail Hydra." Most of us would believe that everything we've ever known about Cap is a life since he's secretly been a Hydra sleeper agent all along. The issue's flashbacks support this as it showed how when Steve was a child, a mysterious woman named Elisa Sinclair lured his mother to a secret Hydra meeting so she could get close enough to corrupt him.

Comic journalist and comedian Brett White pointed out on Twitter that there might be an important clue to this crazy twist: the Cosmic Cube.

In Spencer's other recent story called Avengers Standoff, we learn that there's a little girl named Kobik who is a sentient Cosmic Cube. The cube has been known for having the vast power to manipulate reality.

Kobik doesn't seem like a villain, especially because she gave Cap his powers back. During a fight with the villain Iron Nail, Cap was drained of his super soldier serum, turning him into a wrinkly senior citizen, but thanks to Kobik, he's now that young and strong again.

But someone else was around when all that happened: Baron Zemo, the person that Cap saved on that jet when he declared his allegiance for Hydra.

We still don't know how Zemo could have manipulated Kobik, and who Sinclair is, but since Kobik has the pwoer to alter reality, this could have manipulated Cap's timeline so that he was set on the path of being a Hydra sleeper agent, so Zemo could turn his greatest enemy into his most loyal ally.

The flashback in this issue even showed Kobik to remind the reader that there's an all-powerful being out there with a direct connection to Cap, so she definitely has the power to make this insane plot twist to happen.

White summed up what this means to the story:

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