5 Reasons Why Captain America Being Hydra Doesn’t Make Sense

Marvel just dropped a bombshell in its latest comic,revealing that Captain America has actually been a Hydra agent the whole time. Fans aren’t taking too kindly to this new revelation, and for good reason. Captain America has been an iconic character of Marvel for decades, and any dramatic changes at this point would be quite a shock. If you happen to be one of the outraged fans, you're not alone. Here are five reasons why Captain America being Hydra doesn’t make any sense:

  1. Captain America is Celebrating His 75th Anniversary This Year

    Captain America has a long and seasoned history of being the quintessential American superhero. In fact, this year is Captain America’s 75th anniversary with Marvel Comics, after being first introduced in 1941. How does Marvel celebrate this? With a paramount Captain America: Civil War movie, which was epic! And… oh yea, by announcing in the comics that Cap has secretly been a Nazi! It doesn’t make any sense that Marvel would celebrate one of their most iconic superhero's anniversary by revealing he isn’t a hero after all.

  2. Captain America Is Worthy

    How many Marvel superheroes have lifted Mjolnir? Not many. It seems odd that a superhero that is truly worthy of Thor’s hammer was secretly a Hydra agent. Certainly, Mjolnir would have seen through Cap’s secret and judged him unworthy if this were the case.

  3. Captain America Once Punched Hitler in the Face

    Would a Hydra agent do that? Of course not. In addition, Cap has been fighting Hydra in the comics for decades. Red Skull has been one of his iconic enemies, whom he constantly tries to defeat. Was it all for show? It seems like that would have been an awful lot of work just to appear like he is fighting the good fight, when he is secretly a Hydra agent.

    Yep, definitely not Hydra.

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  4. Hydra Is Always Trying To Kill Captain America

    In addition to constantly fighting each other, Hydra has been plotting the death of Cap for ages. If he is secretly one of their agents, why would they want to kill him? The instances are too numerous too name.

  5. Cap Has Always Been An Icon For Freedom

    Cap has a long and storied past. He is known for delivering some of Marvel’s iconic speeches on American values and standing up for the rights of democracy. Why would Cap have delivered these speeches, even in the clutches of defeat, if he were secretly a Hydra agent? The answer is, he wouldn’t. Even in the Civil War comic series, Cap gave everything he had to protect freedoms for other superheroes.

    While the new comic reveals he has been Hydra the whole time, the only reasonable conclusion is that it is all a ploy that will either be debunked or disproven in the comics to come. After all, you can’t have the iconic Captain America go down in history as a Nazi spy.

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