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Shin Sung Rok Drops Details About Mysterious Character in Doctor Lawyer

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Credit: MBCENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Shin Sung Rok will have a huge role in the upcoming K-drama series, Doctor Lawyer.

Doctor Lawyer, an upcoming MBC series, explores the life of a genius doctor who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer after losing everything due to a procedure. He meets a prosecutor who loses her only family and lover in the same surgery.

As they meet the villains in the story, the duo work together to highlight the importance of a person’s life.

So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang, and Shin Sung Rok scored the main roles. Meanwhile, the latter actor recently shared details about his character.

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Shin Sung Rok Describes Doctor Lawyer Character, Jaden Lee

Before the drama’s premiere, Shin Sung Rok shared what people should know about his mysterious character, Jayden Lee.

He is the head of the Asian branch of Honors Hand. The company specializes in investment, and only Jayden Lee has the power to control everything using his words and power.

According to the actor, Jayden Lee is a powerful character in the series.

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“He is a powerful character who is enigmatic because it is difficult to guess his thoughts and actions. I think he’s a very three-dimensional character which makes people curious. He is so secretive that I think talking about him anymore will be a spoiler,” he went on.

Shin Sung Rok also works with award-winning stars like Lee Kyoung Young, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Ho Jung, Woo Hyun Zoo, Lee Dong Ha, Seo Yoon A, Choi Jae Woong, and Lee Sang Hoon, to name a few.

Aside from the drama and the cast members, the actor reveals the real reason why he chose to work in the series.

Why Shin Sung Rok Chose Doctor Lawyer As His Next Drama

Before the new K-drama arrives, Shin Sung Rok famously appeared in recent hit series and movies.

The actor famously appeared in The Age of Shadows, Kairos, Vagabond, Perfume, and The Last Empress, to name a few.

As for the reason why he chose Doctor Lawyer as his next drama, he revealed that he wanted to appear in dramas this year after a fruitful career in musicals.

“That’s why I thought I would definitely accept a role if there was a character I was attracted to. Then, I was offered the role of Jayden Lee in ‘Doctor Lawyer’ and read the script. I was captivated by the character and decided to appear [in the drama],” he went on.

Fans can see more of Shin Sung Rok once Doctor Lawyer premieres on June 3.

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