She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 7 Paves Way for More Mutants to Join MCU

Ms. Marvel had its very first mutant character revealed in the MCU canon, which makes it possible to include more heroes and villains from the X-Men universe, now more than ever. In fact, two more mutants have joined the MCU, recently shown in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 7, lesser-known characters El Aguila (played by Joseph Castillo-Midyett) and Man-Bull (played by Nathan Hurd). And both circumstances occurred without the need to bring in the multiverse.

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 7, The Retreat, was an episode where Jen tries to get in touch with her ‘inner She-Hulk’ at Blonsky’s medication clinic. In this sense, the title of the episode features Jen’s lone meditation and shows how her date, Josh, ‘retreated’ away from her after accomplishing his hidden agenda from her. This is where we meet El Aguila and Man-Bull, both nonchalantly brushing off their need to tell their background story of how they came to be by dubbing it as ‘dealing with their issues’ and ‘it’s a long story.’

We may have seen other crossovers between Marvel and X-Men like in WandaVision where Pietro has been recast in Wanda’s world as Evan Peters instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, in Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness (which was because of Peter Parker tampering with Strange’s spell in Spider Man: No Way Home) where the original Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) made an appearance along with Captain Carter, and other superheroes, but in the She-Hulk episode, El Aguila and Man-Bull were casually accepted, as if they were normal to see in that universe.

The existence of mutants in the MCU will make it easier to introduce more mutant characters, that anybody could possess powers, aside from the titular superheroes we already know and love.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is now streaming on Disney+.

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