WandaVision Star Evan Peters Went to ‘Dark Places’ for His Jeffrey Dahmer Role

On September 21, Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story starring WandaVision’s Evan Peters, who took on the lead role of Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted serial killer who was found guilty of murdering 17 boys and men, along with committing necrophilia, dismemberment, and cannibalism, earning the nickname, the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’.

It is difficult to imagine how actors put themselves into the shoes of a murderer just so they can properly execute the story their show aims to portray.

In a Netflix interview, Evan Peters says, “It was a challenge to try to have this person who seemingly was so normal, but underneath all of it had this entire world that he was keeping secret from everybody.”

“Dahmer is interesting, in that he is almost regretful and has guilt, and sort of confusion about what went on and doesn’t really have a charming mischievous smile. He’s docile, sort of aloof, and almost disassociated from what he did.”

The actor played a horrifyingly convincing role that brought even more viewership to the show. It took a huge leap from being cast as WandaVision’s ‘recast’ Pietro to depicting an entirely different character who is an actual human being. Needless to say, this will most likely be deemed to be his best performance so far.

The actor admitted he was scared about the crimes Dahmer did. In fact, Peters had to commit by diving underneath the surface that made Dahmer what he was.

“[It] was absolutely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life because I wanted it to be very authentic. But in order to do that, I was gonna have to go to really dark places and stay there for an extended period of time.”

It is quite disheartening to hear that actors would have to have gone through extensive lengths in order for them to do their job right and the story justice. However, his hard work paid off. The actor even gives thanks to the support of the show’s crew that he was able to do this for the show.

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