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Shazam 2 Director Confirms Fury of the Gods Temporary Logo

It will still be a long wait for ShazamI Fury of the Gods but it looks like the highly anticipated sequel could begin production soon. Interestingly, a new logo for the movie has surfaced and director David F. Sandberg has just confirmed that it is the official yet temporary one.

A fan spotted the logo which looks like it was made in a hurry. They immediately shared the image on Twitter asking for Sandberg's confirmation (or denial). The filmmaker was quick to respond with an interesting explanation. Check it out below.

"It's just a temp logo someone did for production, not the actual movie logo. On the first Shazam the production logo said 'Franklin' but on this one we're not using a code name," Sandberg wrote.

That's great news because frankly speaking, it's not the best logo we've seen. However, it's perfectly in sync with the original film's quirkiness that will undoubtedly cross over into the sequel. In addition to that, we're glad to know that production is moving forward so we're expecting an official update soon.

Although updates on production have been slow, we've been getting some excellent casting news for Shazam 2. It has already been confirmed that Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu will be joining the cast as Hespera and Kalypso, the daughters of Atlas who will serve as the villains in the sequel.

The production start date for Shazam! Fury of the Gods has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, the film is already scheduled to premiere on June 2, 2023.

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