Shangri-La Frontier Anime Gets Striking New Trailer and Key Visual

Shangri-La Frontier Trailer Arthur Pencilgon

Shangri-La Frontier Trailer Arthur Pencilgon

After the reveal of a meaty trailer a few months back, the upcoming anime Shangri-La Frontier got a striking new trailer along with a key visual that highlights the show’s main cast.

This latest trailer may not be as long as the previous one which was nearly four minutes long, but it’s still an interesting preview of what’s to come.

After all, while this might seem like another typical action anime, it promises to feature more unique elements than an average isekai series.

Shangri-La Frontier: A Unique Video Game Anime Series

shangri-la frontier rakuro
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Shangri-La Frontier's story may not be apparent based on its title alone, but its premise is something that most anime viewers are likely familiar with.

Specifically, the series follows Rakuro Hizutome, a gamer who starts playing the VRMMORPG Shangri-La Frontier.

This fully immersive game is kind of like Sword Art Online, though the difference here is that this series is not an isekai.

Instead, this series is closer to something like BOFURI, as Rakuro doesn’t get stuck in a virtual world.

It’s also shown that Rakuro is an expert at buggy “trash games”, which means he is an excellent gamer.

Rakuro’s gaming skills will be put to the test though because the game he entered has lots of devilish foes.

But what’s interesting about it is that Rakuro does sometimes log out of the game and strategizes in the real world (at least in the manga).

Its manga source material is currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, meaning this may potentially be Kodansha’s next big shonen hit.

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Shangri-La Frontier Anime Trailer, Release Date

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While we’ll have to wait until the latter part of the year before we can see the anime, the new trailer does give us a taste of what to expect when it comes to the series’ action and characters.

You can check out the latest trailer here:

Yes, that guy with a blue bird’s face is the in-game character of Rakuro.

There’s a reason his character is like that, though you’ll have to wait until the anime airs before you’ll find out.

To further promote the series, Shangri-La Frontier has a special exhibit in Tokyo that’s made in partnership with Tsutaya.

The exhibit showcases the trailer as well as the costumes of the main cast.

The Shangri-La Frontier anime is being made by studio C2C, the same studio behind Reincarnated as a Sword and Otaku Elf.

The fantasy anime will premiere in October 2023 and is confirmed to release on Crunchyroll as part of its Fall 23 lineup.

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