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Shadows House Episode 9 RELEASE DATE and TIME, Countdown!

Are you ready for the latest episode of Shadows House?

With things slowly wrapping up for the season, Shadows House is taking a turn for the creepy - and the emotional. The five pairs of living dolls and Shadow masters are making their way out of the labyrinth, but will this be the end of Edward's sinister plans for them?

Episode 8 was definitely one of the most intense so far and judging from the respective chapters of the ongoing manga things will only get more interesting. It now seems that 13 episodes are too few to adapt all the volumes we have so far, leaving plenty of room for Season 2.

If you watched Episode 8 this weekend, you probably can't forget that creepy final scene and its implications for our main characters. If that's the case, keep reading! Below you will find our handy guide with all you need to know about Shadows House Episode 9 including the episode's release date, airing time, and more!

Shadows House Episode 8 Recap

Shadows House Episode 8 Release Date and Time
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Below, you'll find a recap of Shadows House Episode 8 to refresh your memory before the newest episode. To avoid major spoilers, proceed with caution.


Episode 8, saw the living dolls solve even more puzzles, to Edward's dismay. Lou, cleverly found her way back to Louise, but is the pair safe? Ricky feels threatened by Lou's competency and contemplated sabotaging her, to make himself and Patrick look better, but the scene was cut before we could see him make a decision. Will he go through with it?

Elsewhere, Emilyco and Rum find their way to Shirley, Rum's Shadow Master, but just before going to her lady, Rum reveals a sad truth: she and Shirley have never spoken, nor have they developed any sort of bond. Shirley never emitted shoot for Rum to clean and the living doll had to name herself. Only someone like Emilyco could find positives in the situation, so our main character manages to cheer Rum up.

Emilyco suggests that Shirley might be simply quiet like Rum and that she might not emit shoot simply because she's pleased with Rum's services. This way, Emilyco manages to get Rum all excited about rescuing Shirley, before running to Kate's aid.

Back in the house, Edward and his assistants discuss the overcomplicated nature of the debut and its entertainment value for the elder Shadows. In orchestrating this, Edward hopes to climb the social ladder as quickly as possible and is actually a bit frustrated that the living dolls worked as a team and solved his puzzles so easily.

The episode closes with Edward playing the piano in a rather lengthy scene, the purpose of which might take you a bit to understand. Just before the credits, we see Edward's face disappearing and being taken over by his Shadow Master, suggesting they are now one entity. Is that going to happen to the five pairs once their debut is over? If so, it will seem like a hollow victory - and one that Kate and Emilyco will definitely want to fight against.

Shadows House Episode 9Release Date

Shadows House Episode 9 Release Date and Time 1
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Shadows House Episode 9 titled "A Birdcage and Flowers," most likely to reflect Kate's imprisonment is going to be released on the 5th or the 6th of June, depending on your timezone. Premium Funimations users will be able to watch the newest episode of Shadows House simulcast the moment it is released.

Non-premium users will have to wait for Episode 9 until the 13th of June but worry not. Episode 8 will be available to everyone by the 6th of June, just bear in mind that there will be ads.

Shadows HouseEpisode 9Release Time

Shadows House Episode 9 Release Date and Time 2
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We're expecting Shadows House Episode 9 to air at around 00.30 AM JST on the 6th of June. If this Sunday timeline remains correct, Episode 9 is going to be released in different time zones at or around the following times:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (June 5)
Central Time: 10:30 AM (June 5)
Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (June 5)
British Time: 4:30 PM (June 5)

Shadows HouseEpisode 9Where to Watch

Shadows House Episode 9 Release Date and Time 3
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You can watch Shadows House online with English subs on Funimation. Subscribed users will be able to watch episodes as they come out, while non-premium users will be able to access them a week later. We don't have news about the dub yet, but this is Funimation is famous for its dubs, so this could change at any point.


Shadows HouseEpisode 9COUNTDOWN

Shadows House Episode 9 Release Date


Just five days left for the latest

Shadow's House

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