How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of Shadows House Have?

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Shadows House is a new dark fantasy project by Studio CloverWorks. Nowadays, the name of the studio feels like a guarantee, after the success of titles such as Wonder Egg Priority and Horimiya. Shadows House with its dark fantasy atmosphere and unique style echoes The Promised Neverland at its best. But how many episodes is it going to have?

First, a little overview: the story of Shadows House unfolds in the titular mansion of the Shadow family, whose name is not a coincidence… each family member is a literal shadow, corporeal but completely dark with no features, endlessly emitting a form of soot when they experience strong feelings. Emilyko, a young girl, is a "living doll" working in the house. She's the servant of Kate Shadow, a shadow girl whose shape looks the same as Emilyko's, but the similarities end there.

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Emilyko is friendly and loud, where Kate is shy, bookish, and reserved. Even so, the two become good friends. As a living doll, Emilyko spends her day cleaning up her lady's soot and keeping her company. Her body functions as human, but it seems that it was artificially created with the sole purpose of being Kate's face to the outside world. Together, they discover more about the sinister nature of the Shadows House.

According to the popular anime database MyAnimeList, Shadows House is going to have a total of 13 episodes. Let's try to unpack what exactly this means for the show. Shadows House is based on an ongoing manga by the duo Somato, marketed as a shonen, even though the aesthetic and female characters might suggest otherwise.

So far, there are only seven volumes, but the manga is relatively new, coming out in 2018. It remains to be seen how fast-paced the anime is going to be in its adaptation. As Shadows House is a weekly project, each chapter is fairly short compared to other works, so it wouldn't be surprising if each episode adapts a relatively large number of chapters.

Episode 1, for instance, covers the first 7 chapters. There's a total of 95 chapters as of April 2021, meaning that a 13-episode season could come close to adapting most of the manga we have so far. Of course, if the manga keeps going, and the anime is very successful, this is not to say there wouldn't be another season in a couple of years.

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