Shadow and Bone Showrunner Teases Alina and Kirigan's Future in Season 2

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There is little doubt that Shadow and Bone teased on a possible Season 2. But what will happen in the next season of the fantasy series? Showrunner Eric Heisserer revealed what will happen to Alina Starkov and The Darkling after the season finale.

The eighth episode of Shadow and Bone revealed how General Kirigan used Alina's power to create a tunnel through the Fold. However, he also used it to expand the Fold into West Ravka, announcing that he wants to rule all the kingdoms.


Luckily, the Crows decided to fight back and during the commotion, Alina managed to remove the token embedded in the Darkling's hand that allowed him to control her. No Mourners concluded with Alina and Malyev Oretsev on the run while The Darkling, who was left for dead, emerged from the Fold with new creatures that can walk in daylight.

So does this mean that Alina will not be powerful enough to face the Darkling? Heisserer told Collider that Alina is "fully powered up from the stag" but will be facing a stronger enemy in a possible Season 2. He also confirmed that both characters will be more powerful in the following season.

"Both of them have a level up going into the second season, but I think Alina knows somewhere in her gut that, even with the stag antler amplifier, she cannot draw enough light to take down the Fold," Heisserer said. "So we'll have to explore what other options are available for her in the second season."


We're loving the idea of Alina showing off more of her powers in Shadow and Bone Season 2. However, it is important to point out that Netflix has not yet confirmed the series for a second season. Nevertheless, we're hoping that this will be announced in the next few weeks.

Shadow and Bone is now streaming on Netflix.

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