Shadow and Bone: What is Morozova's Stag and How is it Connected to Alina Starkov?

It's no secret that the GrishaVerse has its own share of myths and folklore. For instance, the Sun Summoner is believed to be a mere legend before it was revealed that Alina Starkov has the rare gift. But one of the biggest questions in the Shadow and Bone series would be about the mythical stag. So what is Morozova's Stag and how is it connected to Alina?

What is Morozova's Stag?

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The stag is one of the legends in Ravka that is told in children's stories. It is an ancient and magical white stag that is said to only appear during twilight.

The stag might sound like a symbol of hope for young children but it is also a mystical being that the Grisha believes is an amplifier or a creature that can enhance a Grisha's power.

Is Morozova's Stag Real?

The citizens of Ravka initially only believe in the stag as a myth. However, Alina keeps seeing the stag in her dreams. In the book, the stag is initially shown when Alina and Malyen Oretsev share their first kiss. However, the stag appears to Mal first in the series.

How is the Stag Connected to Alina?

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The show establishes that there is a connection between Alina and the stag when the animal repeatedly appears in her dreams. Mal is aware of this and realizes that it is the best way to reach Alina after she is taken to the Little Palace.

Morozova's Stag is one of the most important creatures in the GrishaVerse because it is the most powerful amplifier in existence. This means that the Grisha who kills it and possesses its antlers will be able to amplify their powers immensely.

There is little doubt that Morozova's Stag is something to look forward to in Shadow and Bone. Make sure to watch the series now.

Shadow and Bone is now streaming on Netflix.

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