Shadow and Bone Showrunner Confirms Spinoff is Already in Development

Shadow and Bone Season 2 may have just made its comeback on Netflix, and yet series showrunner Eric Heisserer has already confirmed that he has been secretly developing a Six of Crows spinoff set to faithfully adapt Leigh Bardugo’s duology!

According to Entertainment Weekly, though, while Heisserer has been quietly coming up with the script for Six of Crows, the spinoff hasn’t exactly been greenlit yet. The showrunner reiterates that the spinoff show coming to fruition would fully depend on how well-taken Shadow and Bone Season 2 would be on the streaming platform.

“One of the reasons, not all of them, that I got the privilege of working with Daegan Fryklind as co-showrunner in [Shadow and Bone] Season 2 is that I was busy with the writers’ room for Six of Crows. We are ready to launch that as its own story,” Heisserer recently told EW during the discussion for Shadow and Bone Season 2, “The eight-episode scripts are phenomenal and I’m really proud of my team for those.”

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Heisserer continued on to say that the Six of Crows spinoff “would be its own little season of fun that our characters would get to be a part of.” Seeing that Fryklind will be the main showrunner for Shadow and Bone, the next step would be ideally running both the main show along with Six of Crows simultaneously.

It is worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Heisserer proactively wrote for a show ahead of its renewal. In fact, this is the same move he did back when Shadow and Bone Season 1 premiered on Netflix. Thanks to his resilience, though, the show has been back up and running, so if things go smoothly with Season 2, then a Six of Crows spinoff show wouldn’t be too far off.

For now, Shadow and Bone Seasons 1 and 2 are now available to stream on Netflix. You can check out more details about it here.

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