Shadow and Bone Season 3 Gets a Hopeful Update

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

The wait for Shadow and Bone Season 3 continues but Sophie Holland is feeling hopeful about the renewal. The casting director just offered a tentative update on the show's highly anticipated return.

Shadow And Bone Casting Director Comments on Possible Season 3 Renewal

Sophie Holland recently spoke to Deadline about her current projects and she also mentioned Shadow and Bone Season 3.

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Credit: Netflix

"[...] as for Shadow And Bone, we’re really hoping for a third season," Holland said.

"It seems to have a huge fan base," she added. "It’s a fresh, up-and-coming cast and the story is very faithful to the books, which is refreshing."

Holland also addressed that there are reasons to worry about the show's future.

"It’s all about that first month’s performance on Netflix, I guess, so we’ll find out soon if it’s being recommissioned," she said. "It’s a tricky time, as you noted, so we’ll see."

Holland isn't the only one who is cautious about Shadow and Bone Season 3. Fans of the fantasy series are already going out of their way to make sure Netflix sees it as a huge hit.

The Shadow and Bone fanbase already has campaigns in place to ensure that the series gets renewed. Their campaigns include watching the series multiple times and organizing watch parties with other fans.

The fandom is also making sure that Shadow and Bone remains relevant on social media. Fans regularly try to make the title and associated hashtags to trend on Twitter and TikTok.

So far, it is unclear whether the campaign will work in favor of the series. Nevertheless, fans are not giving up and refusing to stop unless Netflix officially announces Shadow and Bone Season 3.

Netflix has yet to announce Shadow and Bone Season 3. In the meantime, all episodes of the first two seasons of Shadow and Bone are now streaming on Netflix.

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