Shadow and Bone Author Reacts to The Darkling's Season Finale Reveal

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The first season of Shadow and Bone has been an awesome adaptation of the novel and there is little doubt that the final episode teased The Darkling's future. But what does Leigh Bardugo have to say about that amazing cliffhanger? The author had an epic reaction to General Kirigan's revelation.

In Shadow and Bone Episode 8, Kirigan used Alina Starkov's power to create a tunnel that gave his ship safe passage through the Fold. However, he also used the same power to expand the Fold into East Ravka and announces that he wants to rule all kingdoms.

Naturally, the Crows (or Dregs) were not having any of it and decided to fight back. During the fight, Alina manages to extract the token that allows The Darkling to control her, leading one of the Volcra to attack Kirigan. Although he is left for death, The Darkling later emerges from the Fold with new creatures that can walk in daylight.

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So what does Bardugo think about this reveal? The writer told Collider that it was expected considering that they are hoping to get a second season.


"We want people to understand what will be coming if we get the opportunity to go there and that this antagonist is not done for, in fact, that he may return even stronger and more dangerous than before. So, to me, that was a very compelling choice, and again, made perfect sense," Bardugo said.

We're loving the idea of The Darkling being more powerful and dangerous in Shadow and Bone Season 2. Additionally, it would mean more of Ben Barnes playing an impressive character. However, it is important to point out that Netflix has not yet renewed the series. Nevertheless, we could get an announcement soon.

Shadow and Bone is now streaming on Netflix.

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